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    Lost Ark: How to get a pet

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    Pets are a common addition to many games, especially MMO titles. It's no surprise that they got into this game, so here's how to get a pet in Lost Ark.

    In some games, pets are there, walking around, walking behind you, but not in Lost Ark. Here, pets are much more useful.

    There's more than one way to get pets in Lost Ark. Some pets are unlocked by the Founder's Pack, so make sure you know how to get these exclusive rewards .

    How to get pets in Lost Ark?

    Buying the Founder's Pack

    One way to get some pets is by purchasing the Founder's Pack for the game. It is still available for purchase after the game launches on February 11, 2022.

    You can purchase the Founder's Pack for Lost Ark directly via Steam or as Amazon codes. They can be redeemed on Steam.

    Purchasing any version of the Founder's Pack (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum) will result in ownership of the Founder's exclusive pet item.

    After opening this special item, you will be able to choose from one of three royal kittens. They come in black, white or brown. Each has their own cute outfit.

    All items from the Founder's Pack will be available to you in the Store after completing the game's Prologue.

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    Buy pets from the in-game store

    The greatest amount of pets available to everyone comes from the shop in Lost Ark. They can be purchased by spending Crystal or Royal Crystals.

    Currently, you can choose from a few pets:

    • Saphia (fox-like pet) – 540 Crystals
    • Helagia (a bird) – 540 Crystals
    • 4 types of Totoiki â€“ 1300 Royal Crystals

    Completing the “Learning about Pets” quest

    The “Learning about Pets” quest is the best and easiest way to learn more about pets, as the name suggests. This quest becomes available after completing the main story quest called “Demons in Prideholme”.

    In the Prideholme tavern you can talk to the innkeeper. He will give you the quest where you will learn more about pets in Lost Ark.

    After that, you will be talking to Blueberry and Redberry in the same location. Completing a few simple tasks will result in you talking to the pet management NPC, Achametmeow at work. He will give you the White Bunny Pet.

    It's the only way to get a pet in the game completely for free, so be happy with your newly found white furball. Rabbits are cute.

    As mentioned at the beginning of the guide, pets in Lost Ark are useful. They have the ability to automatically loot items. The pet can pick up coins, island materials, equipment and other items. You can configure everything in the Pet Menu, located next to the Basic Stats gear icon.

    There are possibly other ways to get pets in Lost Ark, and more variety is coming to the in-game store in the future.

    Now you know how to get a pet in Lost Ark, but did you know that you can get a lot of fragments of  amethyst for free?

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