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    Lost Ark: How do I get Amethyst Shards and what are they for?

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    Lost Ark has a multitude of coins among which are Amethyst Fragments. Find out exactly what this in-game currency is for and how you can get it for free.

    Lost Ark includes different types of coins with very different functions, methods of obtaining and possibilities. One of them are the Amethyst Shards , which were introduced in the western version of the game recently released on Steam. 

    This coin is one of the rarest that we can obtain throughout our adventure and it has confused many players who don't know how they were made with it or what its function is in the game.

    How do you get amethyst shards?

    Currently, Amethyst Shards are displayed as own currency in the launch event . However, its functions seem to go far beyond just temporarily establishing itself in the game. To obtain them, we have different methods available. 

    Some of them simply involve playing and earning achievements, although there are also external methods such as Prime Gaming rewards.

    With these fragments we can buy the most curious cosmetics
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    Currently, these are all the ways to get Amethyst Shards:

    • Achievements in the game : Some of the achievements available in the game give us some pieces of this currency, being the only way to obtain it while playing.
    • Prime gaming : Amazon plans to give good amounts of this currency to subscribers to its premium service as part of the rewards distribution.
    • Drops no Twitch : During the first phase of the viewing rewards draw, 1.500 units of the currency were given out to viewers. Currently, the prize has changed to a pet chest.

    Please note that rewards must be claimed in store.

    What are Amethyst Shards for?

    If we expect new ways to obtain Amethyst Shards to be activated soon, it's because they have a very particular use in the game: get exclusive rewards from the most varied . To do this, we will have to go to a special merchant that is found in all major cities. All you have to do is open the map and find her location in the area, checking what kind of products she sells. The first time you can find him will be at Bern castle , so don't worry until you get there.

    We must manually check suppliers to find Amethyst traders

    Once we have the Amethyst Shards and know where to use them, we'll want to know what they are for. Below you will find the complete list of what you can buy from them .

    Crystal Aura (14 days)x6.600
    special chestx2.200
    Navigation Glyph: Golden Lion's Staminax6.600
    Mount: Wolf of Golden Battlex22.000
    Exclusive emote packx13.000
    Battle Item Chest (3)x2.200
    Affinity Supply Chestx2.200
    Orca Skin Chest for Navigationx6.600
    Paper Mask Chestx6.600
    Sebastian's pet selectionx13.000
    Pet: play deadx6.600
    pet: cryx6.600
    pet: trickx6.600
    Emoticon: Dance of the Starsx6.600
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