Looks like Valorant's next agent, Deadeye, will be a Sentinel

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Not long after KAY/O was released at the beginning of Valuing Episode 3, Act 1, the dataminers quickly got to work to find out more about what the game's next agent would bring to the table. We've since learned that the new Valorant agent is codenamed 'Deadeye', and he's a pretty jovial-looking guy who carries a rifle.

Despite a widespread expectation that Deadeye would be available to climb the ranks of Valuing at the release of Episode 3, Act 2, he was finally nowhere to be found. 

With official details so sparse, it's very likely that the agent won't show up until episode 3, act 3. To help us out until then, character producer John 'Riot' Goscicki shared some new details about Riot Games' next agent today. .

First of all, Riot apparently confirms that the new agent will be a Sentinel, something we were pretty confident in our own predictions. 

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April 1th 2022

And it won't be just any Sentinel. It will be “a Sentinel that focuses on mechanical outplays, with an added focus on gunplay in the mix for an extra flourish,” says the dev. While that's all we're getting in terms of information for now, Riot says that, "once you hit that dream moment, it's going to be magnificent."

The little French signature is actually a pretty significant link, considering a French accent can be heard narrating in the 'Uncover Fracture' map trailer, this seems to confirm that the voice belonged to Deadeye. During the trailer, two specialized rounds containing a mysterious material connect, causing the incident that results in the Fracture as we know it.

The next agent is a Sentinel that focuses on mechanical outplays and an additional focus on gunplay. A teaser image was also posted. | #VALORANT pic.twitter.com/ncsVqOyNzE

- Mike - Valorant Leaks & Info (@ValorLeaks) September 27, 2021

As such, it looks like Deadeye will not only be a Sentinel, but the Frenchman will also have an important role to play in the events currently taking place in the lore.

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