LoL: Is Riot considering eliminating the most hated new feature of the preseason: The end of the new dragon?

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Riot Games has opened the door to remove or completely change League of Legends' new Technochemical Dragon. Although the developer will still look for solutions, it is the first time that it openly recognizes that there is a possibility of ending it or its advantages.

League of Legends hasn't undergone any major changes over the last preseason and the developers have been able to experience a smooth end to the year with almost all of their new additions. However, this situation found its exception in the technochemical dragon . 

The new neutral monster has been the major source of controversy for months that should have been a little quieter and has received negative reviews from the community at large and from competitive players or reviewers in particular.

The Possible Disappearance of the Technochemical Dragon

In the face of constant criticism, a player raised the question with the community about whether there really is a possibility that Riot Games will decide to derail their work and eliminate the Technochemical Dragon from League of Legends. A possibility that the company admitted as real for the first time, and it wasn't made by a single developer employee: two different employees made it public in a Reddit thread giving some details about it.

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Neither the Cloak Rift nor the dragon updates convinced the community

The first thing developers expect to make a decision is more data. Most of the criticism made so far is on social media or community forums, where only some of the views of the community at large are represented (which is much broader than these areas). 

Therefore, Riot Axes ensured that there will be a survey to try to get information that really represent all types of players on Summoner's Rift.

Added to this situation was a second employee of the company who guarantees that would rework or eliminate this feature if the League of Legends community decided to do so . In this way, the Cloaking Rift caused by the Technochemical Dragon could be reinvented, the benefit gained with each elimination, and the functioning of the Soul once obtained. A possibility that, in any case, we shouldn't expect anytime soon considering the developer's track record.

Riot Games has already undone some very important changes to the history of League of Legends. Famous are the cases in which champions such as Kog'Maw , The White ou Zac ; who partially or fully reversed their playable upgrades after failing Summoner's Rift.

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