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    LoL: Faker's Big Reaction To His Teammate After The Heist Of An Epic Pentakill

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    Faker made his competitive League of Legends season debut on the right foot, although he saw one of his teammates steal a Pentakill from him on opening day. A situation he reacted to with great humor in Summoner's Rift.

    The big stars of competitive League of Legends returned to Summoner's Rift with the start of the new season and Faker could not miss the meeting. After confirming his continuity for at least another year, the Korean player made his debut on the opening day of the LCK with a great performance. 

    T1 swept the new ones Kwangdong Freecs (formerly Afreeca Freecs) winning by two maps to zero in a match where they had time to have fun.

    Faker's reaction to his stolen Pentakill

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    The second map was the one where the T1 set was more superior. Building up a spectacular lead in the opening minutes, they capitalized when the timer didn't even tick 25. In a spectacular group fight, Faker claimed his Viktor's damage by destroying the health bar of all opponents. 

    He was only three when Pentakill was sentenced, but your partner preferred to insure the losses what a supposed victory leaving the mid laner with honey on his lips.

    This was Faker's reaction after running out of Pentakill

    Once players realize what has happened, they react in a particularly funny way. Especially in the case of Faker , which plays all of its champion's abilities on Nidalee by Oner while laughing on camera. honorable mention for Hoit (Yuumi) who decides to show the T1 shield while his two rivals think about how to finish him off for moments after finishing the game and adding his first victory in this LCK 2022 .

    Despite Faker being competitive for over eight years, he has only managed one Pentakill in his entire career. Interestingly, he did it on the opening day of the 2015 LCK. A sensational debut that season ended with the player lifting a world championship and this time he couldn't repeat it because of his partner.

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