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It's time to check out none other than Shurima's mysterious champion, Jax. Why doesn't he have a decent weapon? Is it normal for him to just whip a giant rod all the time? Why does his mask have so many holes?

So many questions, so few answers, but we're not here to answer them anyway. We are all about aesthetics of Jax and that means we're going to take a deep dive into all the skins this champion has. He is one of the oldest champions, having been released in 2009.

Jax is one of three champions to own a skin PAX , along with Twisted Fate and Sivir, but what other skins does it fit? One skin that we want to be League of Legends is the Wild Rift exclusive skin Hexplorer Jax . It looks amazing on the mobile version, and we think Jax deserves to look good in League of Legends too.

Jax is a great split pushing champion and super fun to play in the top lane. His Kit is simple to understand, and once you discover him, you're basically unkillable. So it's time to be invincible and stylish with the best Jax skins League of Legends has to offer!

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5. God Staff Jax We start with the best Jax skins with a truly divine skin. We're funny, right? Right. So this skin is unique. Because? Because Jax has hair! Can you believe we actually get to see some hair on our boy Jax, and it's truly magnificent? Is that why this skin is so divine? It shines like gold, exuding the piety we expect from a skin with the word 'god' on it. 
Oh, and the supporting animation is also extremely beautiful. His lamppost lights the way, but unfortunately, he still needs to buy protections and can't just use the flashlight for the vision. That would be too OP I think. Overall this is a great skin and one of the best for the top lane skirmisher. He will be unstoppable with such a unique look, won't he? | © Riot Games
4. Mecha Kingdoms JaxJax is already a strong presence in the rift, but with this skin on, you really can't ignore this champion. He'll be able to overpower anyone and anything just by intimidating them, thanks to this epic skin from the Kingdom of Mecha. Oh, and the fact that Mecha's anime is some of the best was no other reason why we chose this one as one of the best. best Jax skins out there. 

No, anyway. Mecha Kingdom Sett and Leona are also epic, but do they reach the same heights as Mecha Kingdoms Jax? Hardly. The coating, the color scheme, it all fits perfectly, and we just want to watch a little Gundam when playing this skin. Please Riot give us more giant robot skins in the near future! | © Riot Games
3. Angler JaxJax just wants to take a moment and get away from all the pointless fights in Summoner's Rift. What are a few LPs here and there, right? We're all about the relaxation that professional fishing brings. Just sit down, put the pole on the ground and close your eyes for a moment.

So instead of pulling out his giant pole to hit opponents over the head, Jax takes out his fishing rod and hits anyone who dares to make too much noise, then shoos away the fish that Jax is desperately trying to catch.

So yes, Jax can be a powerful fighter, he's also just an old man looking to have some fun on his fishing vacation. Will the many holes in his mask help him better identify fish? That's a question only Riot can answer. | © Riot Games
2. Temple JaxOk, so fishing might not have been calming enough for Jax to find inner peace, so this time, he left Summoner's Rift altogether. No more fishing in the river beside the Barão's well; instead, we are going to the mountains to find our inner zen in some temple.

Will a visit to the temple really help calm this bloodthirsty fighter? Will he finally be able to find the inner peace he longs for? Well, judging by the fact that he continues to jump out of the bushes even as a temple apostle, we can basically confirm this with a do not.Jax is just a fighter and no matter how many times he meditates, he will continue to take down anyone who dares to stand in his way. That's exactly the kind of champion Jax is. | © Riot Games
1. Mighty Jax Alright boys and girls, the best Jax skin has to be the best skin in League of Legends too. There aren't many Canadian skins in League of Legends, so I have to take what I can, and Vancouver Amumu is an abomination we don't talk about.

So, of course, Mighty Jax has to be the best skin ever created. Can we get a whole line of hockey skins? Please Riot make it happen now! I want to have a Gragas goalkeeper skin and a Nasus Defender skin too! I have so many ideas, please Riot, hire me or DM me, so we can make it happen! Okay, enough with the hockey skins chit-chat, and as we desperately need them, let's get back to work. Mighty Jax is the best skin in the game. No questions. Anyone who disagrees with me is wrong. | © Riot Games
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