List of 'New Nintendo Switch Pro' seen on Amazon

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A list of products for the 'New Nintendo Switch Pro' was quickly seen in The Amazon, amid reports that the Nintendo will soon officially announce a new console.

Located by Twitter user Alphabeat, the list was found on Amazon mexico, although the product name has since changed.

While the list may very well be a placeholder unrelated to official product information, the Amazon mexico already listed the products accurately before their official announcements.

I just find this on Amazon Mexico 👀

- Alphabeat (@Alphabeat_g) May 28, 2021

i was gonna say lets get excited but new consoles don't excite me anymore, they only bring me pain

- Wario64 (@ Wario64) May 28, 2021

According to a report by the Bloomberg this week, the new model Nintendo Switch will retail for over $299 and will replace the existing flagship model.

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April 1th 2022

It states that the redesigned hardware will be announced before E3 2021, which runs June 12-15, giving developers space to showcase system games at the all-digital show.

According to sources in the publication, the Nintendo assembly of the new one will begin Switch already in July and will launch the console “in September or October”.

Bloomberg wrote: “Suppliers are confident they can fulfill orders from the Nintendo, despite the continued shortage of chips. Your production lines are better prepared for the potential change of components and parts that Nintendo is using are subject to less competition than their rivals' more powerful consoles. ”

Source: Nintendo

Nintendo declined to comment on the latest report.

The next hardware update of the Switch, nicknamed 'Switch Pro' by analysts, will feature Nvidia's DLSS technology and an improved display.

According to another recent report by the Bloomberg the Switch Pro will include a new 7-inch Samsung OLED screen, as opposed to the 6,2-inch and 5,5-inch LCD screens of the current standard model and Switch Lite, respectively.

A Nintendo released a blue version of the console Switch Lite earlier this month.

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