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    Len's Island gets free demo at Steam Next Fest

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    Steam Next Fest, the week-long celebration of Valve's upcoming PC games on its platform, is coming with a series of free demos for you to enjoy. Among them is Len's Island, a beautiful dungeon crawler with farming simulation and basic building elements that seems to have great appeal for fans of Stardew Valley and Hades.

    Source: Official game page on Steam

    Len's Island takes you to a faraway town with nothing but a handful of tools and your wits about you, as you start building a house on a lovely little island nearby. The game mixes a number of elements, with an emphasis on exploring the zones below your island home and fighting the beasts within.

    “Len's Island is a fast-paced, skill-driven dungeon crawler with a strong focus on engaging a wide variety of combat types and charge combinations,” explains developer Flow Studio.

    The images reveal ancient, dark chambers filled with strange, glowing monsters lurking in the shadows, as well as traps and difficult terrain to overcome. It looks like you're going to come in armed with a torch and a melee weapon, so it looks like we can expect some hand-to-hand combat with these creatures, alongside some of the other aforementioned combat styles.

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    Above ground, you can start building the house of your dreams, making it any size you want, using the game's "unique modular building system". Additionally, you can farm under the sun to get food and supplies for your adventures exploring the game's islands and dungeons. You can choose to grow “large-scale farms throughout the forest, or tend small beds on your porch,” explains the developer. You can also sell specialty crops for cash.

    Like Stardew Valley, there's an element of restoration to the area too, and exploration that promises rewards that are scattered around waiting to be found. You can rebuild an old broken bridge and find long-lost swords in your travels, for example.

    Below you can check out the official trailer for the game.

    Steam Next Fest starts today, June 16th and runs until June 22nd, which means you have until then to focus on the Len's Island demo, which is available for free. The game is scheduled for release in October 2021.

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