Lemnis Gate: What to do when you die

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Death can be avoided in Lemnis Gate, so it's best to play as if you never died.

lemnis gate is the new turn-based, looping FPS from indie studio Ratloop. If all this got you thinking, 'huh?', you're not alone. 

Lemnis Gate is a very cerebral game and asks you to think about the future and the past simultaneously. Each match is divided into two halves of five rounds each. Sometimes you and your enemy take turns, sometimes you play together, Inevitably you will die.

But in a game about changing the course of time with a well-placed bullet, death doesn't have to be the end of Lemnis Gate. 

You may have noticed that upon death, it takes on an ethereal spectral form. You might be tempted to shoot the person who killed you in the back with your phantom bullets, but that's a waste of the gift you've been given. We will tell you the best way to utilize your death in Lemnis Gate.

Source: Steam

This ghostly apparition you become is a unique mechanic that plays with the time loop aspect of Portal Lemnis perfectly. What you do as a ghost is what you will do in future rounds if you manage to save your past self from being killed. .

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To try and keep it simple, if you're playing as Karl and carrying a chunk of Exotic Matter back to your gate and get killed en route by Kapitan's grenade, it won't happen if you manage to kill Kapitan with Rush in a future round. That means Karl will still be around. Take it? Save your past self in the future.

But, if you just lower the controller when you die, Karl will remain stationary, so you saved the adorable robot for no reason. 

If, however, when you die, you instruct Karl's time ghost to run through your gate, the saved future version of Karl will still have the Exotic Matter in his robot and run through the gate, scoring you one point.

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So death doesn't really have to be the end for you in Lemnis Gate. You don't even have to stop at just completing the objective, though. 

Remember, you will never be able to use your ghost to kill the person who killed you, so don't worry about following them around and shooting them in the face, but you can use it to kill other people who have appeared in previous rounds.

You have to think about the future, where you will try to undo the past, so use death to your advantage. Killing someone can stop a chain of events from happening, which means you can save all your past selves in the final round with the right strategy. 

If a ghost is saved, it can shoot unsuspecting past enemies or set traps for future enemies, saving itself even more times. Play with the ghost as you would if you were still alive â€“ this is the best way to ensure they are effective and help you win the game if you manage to avoid your untimely demise (sorry).

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