Learn how to aim in CSGO, tips and tricks

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Improve your marksmanship in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by following these basic tips.

Whether you're a novice at Counter-Strike or a professional player, we all want to aim better than we do. Next, we leave a series of tips and tricks to learn to aim better .

There very common mistakes among Valve sniper players when it comes to shooting and therefore the ways of solving them are well known. If you come from another FPS and are new to CSGO, the first thing you should understand is that in this game the weapons recoil and therefore if you shoot more than three bullets in a row your trajectory will be very difficult to control.

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AlĂ©m disso, not all weapons work the same , the deflection of bullets in long bursts varies depending on the rifle we are using. Therefore, he starts by trying to control the most common weapons: M4A1, M4A1-S, AUG, SSG 53 and AK-47.

The first objective should be to try not to shoot crouching and the second to know shoot while controlling the machine gun (or machine gun) . This concept refers to moving from side to side in short movements when shooting without deflecting our bullets.

To better understand how to do it, here is a video from the well-known Spanish content creator, where he explains this concept in detail.

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