League of Legends: The new PROJECT event features seven new skins

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League of Legends has its fair share of alternate universes outside the confines of runeterra that we know and love. Whether it's the Guardians of the Celestial Stars or the denizens of the Old Wild West, High Noon, there is an aesthetic niche for everyone.

However, few are as iconic as LoL's PROJECT universe, which just so happens to be the setting for the next MOBA game event. 

PROJECT: Bastion will have players band together to fight the latest big bad from the PROGRAM virus, and yes, there are plenty of new skins powered by cyberpunk to choose for your favorite champions.

Although the Riot has long abandoned creating dedicated game modes for each event, some might be thrilled to hear that Nexus Blitz is back for good. 

Also, as is standard for events like these, there's a new PROJECT Event Pass, which promises a slew of borders, icons, emotes, and other goodies if you accumulate enough tokens.

But what about the skins? Well if you're a fan of mordekaiser, renekton, sylas, Sejuani, Senna e Varus, then there is something here for you. Additionally, there will be two Prestige skins available one for Sylas and one for an unannounced classic PROJECT skin. You can check out the splash art and concept art released below.

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April 1th 2022

PROJECT: Bastion is set to run from May 27th to June 28th, covering patches 11.11, 11.12, and 11.13.

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