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    League of Legends pitchers Azael and Medic agree that Yuumi sucks

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    The 2021 League of Legends World Championship meta has been an ever-evolving beast. From the pre-event soloq training camp, to the Play-Ins and now to the main event itself, each team has seasoned the metopot with their own unique spice. 

    However, the pot was tarnished by a champion who was poorly received by spectators and professionals alike at this year's tournament: Yuumi.

    Spending her time on the Rift perched on top of her teammates, Yuumi is often criticized for not possessing the skill cap of other supports. 

    When attached to a partner, Yuumi is completely unreachable, making her sometimes frustratingly difficult to stop. Additionally, her kit provides healing, damage amplification, and potential to peel or chase, giving the receiver a variety of tools.

    When asked by The Loadout which champion they didn't like to see more on the World Stage this year at the end of the group stage, pitchers Aaron 'Medic' Chamberlain and Isaac 'Azael' Cummings Bentley unanimously agreed that Yuumi is a problem.

    “It is unreachable, unlockable, and also fixes weaknesses for champions it assigns,” states the Medic. “It's the least interactive gameplay ever, and it's rare for you to see a Yuumi and think, 'Oh, I'm so glad that some of the most skilled supporters in the world are playing this champion with the least amount of obvious skill expression.

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    Yuumi in major regions this year – 14 picks, 12 bans.

    Yuumi at Worlds Groups – 12 picks, 39 bans.

    WHY ?!

    — Medic (@MedicCasts) October 19, 2021

    Azael also has a problem with Yuumi for the same reason.

    “I just think the champion being so uninteractive is just not interesting to watch,” he says. “It's hard to really see much expression of skill from Yuumi players, and the fact that she's unreachable makes her feel more like a passenger than a true champion on her own.

    “When we're at the World Championships, I want to see the best players show their skills, and I feel like whenever someone is in Yuumi, you just can't see them do that, as all Yuumi's look the same. ”

    If you are a botlaner who is tired of dealing with Yuumi during her grind in LoL positions, then take a look at the advice given to us by Steven 'Hans-sama' Rogue's Liv to make your laning experience less painful.

    For more positive results from the champion of Azael and Medic, check back later on their favorite picks so far from this year's tournament, as well as picks they'd really like to see appear on the Worlds stage.

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