League of Legends Arcane on Netflix: Release date, trailer and more

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We've been passionate about League Of Legends since childhood. Responsible parents see to it that their children start chasing the rift as soon as they know. And Riot keeps feeding us new snacks from the universe. With the definitive release of Netflix's Arcane series, we can now snatch another slice of the pie.

In fact, the Netflix series has already been announced. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end with joy. Then came the fall of the pandemic of COVID-19, and with the exclusive series gives Riot for Netflix, Arcane , it's all over for now. 

Now the company has confirmed that the series will be definitely released this year and that a new short trailer will also be released directly. We've summarized the spicy details for you again.


Riot has announced that Arcane will release in Fall 2021. So that's a total of almost two years after the series was announced. League of Legends as part of its 10th anniversary in 2019. Riot has released a trailer megashort de Arcane on Monday, which in its 9 seconds causes more hype than Aurelion Sol in the last 2 years.

In collaboration with the studio of french development Fortriche Productions, a Riot tem worked na netflix series for a year . 

Even though the development team has said that it is very difficult to put yourself in the shoes of a creative workflow if you are not face to face. But the difficulties were overcome and the “love letter to the fans”, as Arcane was called by Riot's head of entertainment, is finally in the final stretch. 


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April 1th 2022

Following the announcement in October 2019, it is now clear that the animated series will appear on Netflix. Primarily, Arcane will cover the origins of two well-known League Of Legends champions. It's probably about Jinx e Vi e how your friendship started .

In a second trailer da Arcane series da Netflix, with launch slated for the fall, we were able to watch adult Jinx very slowly go crazy and relive her childhood trauma. Vi also has a role to play, and it's brutal. Before that, Jinx shoots a harmless small crow, some say it was the murder, but those who you know they say beware Swain .

The news is rolling downhill and there's no stopping it. Riot explained in another video because you developers chose Jinx and Vi as your main characters for the Netflix Arcane Show . They are two sisters who couldn't be more different and at the same time the two stubborn heads are very special, whoever has brothers feels very well understood. 

I can relate. Also, Jinx and Vi are two of the most famous characters in the Loliverse, so perfect for a show da Netflix .

Arcane it is probably the beginning of a huge universe in which more and more stories are told from the Runeterra Garden. At least if you follow Riot's explainer video, the game's narrative future looks pretty bright. THE Netflix Arcane series it's just the beginning.


Most of the story will be about Jinx and Vi. But in both trailers, we see a number of other references in the series. LoL Netflix to champions of Piltover and Fence. Much of the story will likely take place there.

ace notes two trailers can also be interpreted. We see, for example, in original trailer de  arcane, a portrait of Caitlyn is shown. If you look closely you will also see Warwick e singed . 

In the new teaser, there are other references, for example, the Viktor ou Heel â€¦but it can also be Echo . It is series has so much potential, it's absolutely insane! There are also rumors floating around on Reddit that Jhin is supposed to be the bad guy...

One thing is definitely clear after the new trailer Arcane : there is a lot of fighting, it will heat up and maybe, very maybe, with the Jinx Origin Story let's experience another Tokyo Ghoul moment where the main characters go mad and furious out of desperation.

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