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Some important tips and tricks for new players in Knockout city.

Dodgeball it's a lot of fun but Knockout city it certainly goes a step above your school gym. Whether you're fighting on open rooftops or chaotic construction sites, you're going to need some tips to get that victory. This guide will cover 8 beginner tips for Knockout City that will make you more than just an underdog.

Beginner Tips for Knockout City

Every second in Knockout City is intense, but don't be confused. Whether you're joining a casual game or ranked leagues, a few tricks will help you become a Dodgebrawl master. Here are 8 tips you need to know to master on the court (or wherever you're dodging balls).

catch is the key

If there's a ball flying towards you, don't let it hit you! Stick that flying threat and hurl it back at the enemy. Footprints are double-edged swords as they prevent you from getting hit and allow you to throw back a charged ball immediately. 

The better your reception timing, the more powerful your next release will be. A perfect capture (signaled by a purple glow ) will give you the chance to cast a fully loaded shot instantly, which might be just what you need to knock out your opponent and score a point.

How to make fake shots in Knockout City

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Throwing balls back and forth can become predictable very quickly. If your opponent keeps taking everything, try a fake shot. You can do this by pressing the right button on the controller or pressing F on the PC. This will play an animation similar to when you play, but your character will still hold the ball. If your opponent tries to catch you, it will leave you vulnerable for a brief moment afterwards. This is your chance to take a shot and secure a knockout for your team.

Pass the ball to help teammates

It's great if you keep finding balls to use, but your teammates might not be so lucky. If you keep seeing a teammate without the ball, try to pass for him. 

You can do this by left clicking on the controllers or by clicking the scroll wheel on your mouse if you are on PC. The pass ensures that your teammates are actively putting pressure on the enemy team.

Be The Ball

One of Knockout City's most unique mechanics is the ability to get back to the ball. Use the right damper on controllers, or the Alt key on PC, to curl into a ball. Your teammate can pick it up and throw it at an enemy. If you hit an opponent, you will receive a instant knockout. But be careful. If an enemy catches you in ball form, he can try to knock out one of your teammates.

join friends

Dodgeball is a team sport, although it didn't always seem like it back in high school. However, Knockout City is certainly best played as a team, so team up with friends when possible. By playing as a coordinated team, you can develop strategies that can bring you more victories. Communication is key in any sport and the Dodgebrawl of Knockout city is no different.

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