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    King Legacy code list

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    Codes you can redeem in King Legacy for free Beli, Gems and more!

    Looking for the latest King Legacy codes? King Legacy is an experience Roblox based on the One Piece anime (which led to a name change from its original title, King Piece, for copyright reasons). King Legacy codes are created by the game's developer and passed on to its players, so they can be redeemed for free in-game currency and other rewards. It's by far the simplest way to get such a large amount of Beli, so it's well worth doing.

    Most codes in King Legacy give you lots of free Beli, but you'll also occasionally find other types of rewards with certain codes, like free gems and free stat refunds.

    King Legacy active codes

    Last checked on:

    • 1.5BVISITS  - 25 gems
    • 1MFAV - 5 gems
    • 550K LIKES â€“ Reset stats
    • 650K LIKES â€“ Reset stats
    • DINOXLIVE - 100.000 Belis
    • PEODIZ - 100.000 Beli
    • THXFOR1BVISIT - 3 gems
    • UPDATE3.5 - 5 gems
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    How to redeem King Legacy codes

    To redeem your King Legacy codes, all you have to do is play King Legacy and click on the word “Menu” on the left, just below the health bar. Then click on the “Code” button.

    In the window that pops up, you can enter one code at a time, clicking Accept after each one to earn the free rewards.

    Here is a screenshot with the steps to redeem King Legacy codes highlighted.

    King Legacy Expired Codes

    Listed above are all the currently active King Legacy codes we've found, but they won't last forever. Codes expire after a certain time in most Roblox games, so below we also list all expired King Legacy codes to avoid confusion.

    • 100KFAV
    •  100MVISITS
    •  200MVISITS
    •  300KFAV
    •  300MVISITS
    •  200KFAV
    •  20MVISIT
    •  22K LIKE
    •  23K LIKE
    •  35MVISIT
    •  45MVISIT
    •  500KFAV
    •  600KFAV
    •  60MVISITS
    •  700KFAV
    •  800KFAV
    •  80MVISITS
    •  900KFAV
    •  90K FAVORITES
    •  ALLO
    •  ARM
    •  DOUGH
    •  rubbing
    •  MAKALOV
    •  MIUMA
    •  OPOP
    •  REDBIRD
    •  SAMURAI
    •  SHADOW
    •  SNOW
    •  SPINO
    •  STRING
    •  Thanakorn
    •  UPDATE2_13
    •  UPDATE2_16
    •  UPDATE2_17
    •  UPDATE2_5
    •  UPDATE3
    •  UPDATE3_15
    •  UPDATE3_16
    •  UPDATE3_17
    • UPDATE 3_16
    • UPDATE 3_17
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