Killjoy Valorant: Everything You Need to Know

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Valorant is a character-based tactical FPS game where two teams of five compete to eliminate each other and be crowned victorious. One of the characters known as agents that players will be able to use is Killjoy. In this article we have everything we know about Killjoy so far.

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According to Riot Games' official description of this agent, “Killjoy loves robots with a passion, but she's still human. Technology reflects its user; therefore, effectiveness depends on your own skill. It needs to be analyzed and improved.”

Riot Games revealed that this character is from Germany.

Source: Screenshot via Riot Games

Players who choose to play Killjoy will have four different abilities that they can use to help themselves or their teammates and get every advantage they can in a match. You can find the skills and their official descriptions below:

  • Alarm Robot – Equip and activate a robot that chases enemies that dare come into its range. My lethal little friend explodes when it hits its target, sending the enemy flying. Enemies hit are temporarily vulnerable to double damage from all sources. Oh, oh, so much fun. When you want the robot to come back, just hold the command used to equip it.
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  • Turret – Sometimes it's good to put down roots. EQUIP a turret that shoots enemies in a 180° cone. To remove the active turret, hold down the command used to equip. With it, I can defend an area very well on my own while others cover the rest.
  • Nanoswarm – Check out this beauty: you throw the grenade, and when it lands, it stops making sounds. Then just activate it to send a swarm of nanobots that deal damage and make any enemy desperate. Oh, how I love this trick!
  • Ultimate Ability: Confinement – ​​You must adjust the activation process, but when activated, this device imprisons all enemies within range for about 8 seconds. It can be destroyed by enemies… but there's a lot more where this one came from.

Valorant's official Youtube account released a gameplay video showing Klljoy utilizing his various abilities in a match where viewers can see just how useful this character can be when he's used his full potential. You can find this gameplay video for KillJoy below:

Do you want to know more about Valorant, in addition to all the currently known information about Killjoy? In that case, check out our dedicated page with the latest news for the high-profile game.

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