Justice is investigating the Overwatch League

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The United States Department of Justice is investigating the high salaries of Overwatch League Esports teams. The lawsuit is being filed by the Civil Conduct Task Force, which is part of the US antitrust industry. In case you don't know the meaning of the word, it would be the formation of monopolies and cartels in more direct terms.

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To get a sense of the level of mess this has generated, the Dot Esports report states that Activision Blizzard employees stated that they were instructed to hide or destroy information related to the salaries of professional players. All this because there is no union or union of the category to define a base that is of common agreement for all.

None of the Overwatch League teams has commented so far, but the company has and stated that it is cooperating with the entire case. The big problem is that we are in the middle of the annual competition and how this will affect the whole contest, but it is still too early to say what consequences this will have if the investigation reveals something more dense.

Meanwhile, fans are waiting for the second game in the franchise, which still doesn't have a set date. At least we know it's coming to Nintendo Switch.

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