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    Jurassic World Evolution: How to Sell Dinosaurs

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    Want to sell some of your dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution to make room or make some quick cash? See how to do it.

    There are thousands of people who love dinosaurs who are simply addicted to the Jurassic World Evolution . The game is awesome and can sometimes be hard to put down, especially when you're about to hatch another dinosaur egg and move it to your park. It's ridiculously exciting.

    The tycoon game genre can be almost addictive at times, that's for sure, in the best way possible. Jurassic World Evolution even made it into our top ten tycoon games of all time. Take a look at our list if you'd like some suggestions on other amazing games in this genre.

    Once you start playing this game, you will get a bunch of dinosaurs in no time. Eventually you might want to start selling some of them, there are a variety of reasons for this of course. 

    Some players want to sell their dinosaurs because they want to replace them with better specimens and some players want to reduce the number of dinosaurs they already have in their parks, for example. Regardless of what your reasons are, we'll have you covered and explain how you can quickly sell your dinosaurs on Jurassic World Evolution.

    How to Sell Dinosaurs

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    Selling dinosaurs is actually quite simple, however, you need to do a few things first. First, you must have already built the ACU Center , this is the building that is responsible for the security of the entire park. 

    If you press ACU Helicopter in ACU Center, you can select Add New Task. Then select Tranquilize Dinosaur . You will need to reassure the dinosaur you intend to sell so that you can safely transport it.

    You need call the transport team after successfully tranquilizing the dinosaur. To summon the transport team, go back and press ACU Center again. Now instead of selecting the ACU helicopter, select Transport teams . In the menu, when hovering over Transport Teams, you will notice it says “Move, Remove or Sell”.

    Indicate which dinosaur the Transport Team will be selling by clicking on the previously tranquilized dinosaur. This is the same menu you would use to move a dinosaur. Nonetheless, when “Select destination” appears on the screen, just press the Sell button . Afterwards, you will receive a notice to confirm if you really want to sell the dinosaur and also how much it is worth. You can confirm or cancel.

    If you have already completed the tutorial, you will already have the ACU Center at your disposal. If not, keep playing and you will unlock it. You can do this quickly and it is completely safe for park visitors. 

    If you're having trouble reassuring your dinosaurs, you can also upgrade the ACU Center and improve reload speed, shooting accuracy and you can even get a programming unit that allows your ACU teams to schedule additional tasks .

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