Janosik 2 is a retro and challenging platform game

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Source: Onix Games

Jump, slash, dodge, roll, dive, smash and crash in this merry and deadly fairy tale.

Janosik 2 is a retro action platformer with metroidvania elements. Get ready to jump, slash, dodge, dive, smash and levitate through deadly traps, treacherous bosses, villains and more in this Janosik sequel. You've never played such a fun and deadly fable.

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Platform, 2D Platformers
  • Developer: Onix Games
  • Publisher: Retrovibe
  • Release date of: 2021

Janosik 2 is a continuation of the story of the first game. The celebrated highland Slavic thief Janosik has just completed his quest to rescue his comrades and is on his way to defeating even more enemies, mythical and historical. This time, it is not his group that is missing, but Janosik himself. Ingeniously captured, our hero must rescue himself and his love, as well as make new friends along the way.

Follow mountain man Janosik, a hooded vampire, and Bogdan, the werewolf, as they explore the dark and booby-trapped environments of Von Zur Castle, home of the nefarious kidnapper Baron. Traverse through dense mountain forests inhabited by wild dogs, headless skeletons and more, all of whom are bent on making your life more difficult. But keep in mind that there may be something even more sinister for you at the end of the journey…


Three new chapters, each bigger and more gameplay-packed than the entire original Janosik game – and beautifully packed with new characters, enemies and deadly threats.


For the very first time, use the mighty club of Bogdan, the werewolf, to smash through walls and enter previously inaccessible places.

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Super-fast reflexes, good muscle memory and thinking two steps ahead – unfortunately that won't be enough to finish the game in one go. But at least the checkpoints are plentiful and starting over doesn't take a second.


A Highlander, a Vampire and a Werewolf enter a dungeon… and leave – if all goes well – with the Highlander's bride rescued, after facing and – if all goes well – defeating everything and everyone who gets in their way.


Enjoy the short breaks in a fun way by admiring scenes that feature important Janosik events, beautifully rendered to their full potential, animated in over 100 colors and hand-drawn. You'll never skip scenes with a rideable sheep again.


The legend says that Janosik He stole from the rich to give to the poor. Janosik 2 It lives up to the first part, with mountains of treasures, coins, diamonds and other gems to steal from the vaults of the game's dark and power-hungry villains.


Image Credits: Onix Games

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