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    Is your Warzone friends list not working? See how to fix the bug

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    Fonte: Call of Duty: Warzone

    Here's what to do if your friends list from Warzone is not working or if your friends are being displayed as offline.

    The players of Call of Duty: War zone often have bug problems, but this one really gets the cookie. Are you ready to join a game and find that your friends list on Warzone is not working? Are all your friends showing as offline or otherwise can't be joined?

    It's an incredibly frustrating experience, especially since the developer Raven Software haven't mentioned anything about the bug so far. To their credit, however, the developers usually fix the issue before too long, but if you want to play with friends in the meantime, there are a few methods you can try to work around.

    The first step is always to make sure your game is fully updated and restart the Warzone later, if not. 

    Fonte: Call of Duty

    However, if that doesn't work, there are some fixes and workarounds that we recommend trying if you find that your friends list on Warzone is not working. The former only works if you're in a regiment, and it's worth noting that this method has also been bugged in the past, but it's worth a try for a minute, on the off chance that it works.

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    To do this, just go to your regiment and invite friends to your party directly from there. However, if you and your mates aren't already in a regiment together, this might not be very helpful.

    for players of Xbox e PlayStation, your best option is to invite players through the console's own friends list menu, this is not the game's menu Warzone

    No Xbox, click the main 'Xbox' button and select 'People' and 'Friends'. This friend list should work regardless of the state of the warzone servers, so you can simply click 'A' on your lucky friend before inviting them to the game.

    No PlayStation 5, press the 'PS' logo button to open the console control center. Select 'Game Base' and choose an online friend to invite to your game. You can also go to a player's profile to invite them to a game.

    No PC it's a different story, and you'll need a third-party app like Discord, to invite your friends to your games Warzone. If your friend is in the game, right click on their Discord profile and choose the option to join the game.

    Unfortunately, none of these options give you the chance to cross-play Warzone, for which you'll need access to your Activision in the game. However, it is worth remembering these steps for cases where the friend list of Warzone is not working, so you can contact friends using the same system.

    Just make sure you're ready to go when you're reunited with your squad, you don't want to fall into verdansk without the best weapons Warzone , it is not?

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