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    Infinity Blade, Epic Fail ou Win?

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    Now I'm going to share with you my impressions about other iPhone games. I don't care much for grades so don't expect a review like grade x graphics, grade y gameplay. Instead, I'm going to present the game as I see it, which I hope will help clear up some doubts about what you're going to buy.

    This was my first game purchased on the AppStore, taking advantage of the promotion at the time of the game. It was the first game I saw using the Unreal Engine 3 on the iPhone and it generated a lot of expectations about being an RPG with a beautiful world to explore (mainly because a tech demo called Epic Cidadel was already available, and it allowed the free exploration of the city of match).

    But Epic Citadel is just a tech demo, that is, no monsters to kill

    Unfortunately, what was supposed to be iOS Elder Scrolls turned out to be a simple fighting game. I say fighting game because you don't move through the scenarios, you just choose a predefined path you want to follow.

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    April 1th 2022

    When encountering an enemy, you tap on it to enter battle mode, where on-screen scratches are recognized as the protagonist's sword movements. An icon on the screen is used to use the shield and the corners of the screen to dodge. It is possible to use attack or stun spells, depending on the ring equipped.

    Yes, the game has RPG elements, when you accumulate experience, or evolve an item (which gains experience every time you win a battle) you get points to improve your attributes. The list of available equipment is quite large, and the weapons and armor are very well designed.

    The game has a lot of personality and charisma, but it suffers from a short duration. Basically you break into a castle to kill the God King, facing his minions on the way. Upon killing (or being killed) by the God King, the game restarts with his descendant swearing revenge and starts all over again, with stronger enemies. It's hard to explain, but in practice this looping works well.

    On Retina Display the game is even more beautiful. In conclusion, it's a beautiful game, the kind to show your friends, and it has a deep combat system, as well as a large number of items to equip your character. But it could be better.

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