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    If the rumors are true, Insomniac Games is truly becoming Sony's first studio

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    Source: Sony

    Looking back over the past few years and into the future, it's impossible not to notice how far Insomniac Games has come.

    The brand PlayStation is defined by its early games, and behind each of these franchises is an incredibly talented studio. Developers like N have evolved with the industry, pushing the story-driven game genre forward in significant ways. 

    Sucker Punch has gone through an incredible evolution, moving from small-scale titles like Sly Cooper to sprawling open worlds like the one seen in Ghost of Tsushima. Santa Monica continues to grow as it moves toward the future of God of War . Next to all these giants is the Insomniac Games , a studio that is rapidly climbing the PlayStation Studios rankings.

    Although studios like Housemarque have received some well-deserved praise for games like return e Media Molecule’s Dreams is finally getting the attention it deserves, nowhere near enough appreciation has been shared by Insomniac Games . 

    The studio has been on fire lately, releasing great games at an incredible pace. Despite focusing on singleplayer, these games also received great post-launch support. 

    With rumors indicating that even more is on the way, Insomniac doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. As such, its consistency might just make it the go-to studio for the platform. PlayStation.

    Insomniac’s Hot Streak

    Source: PlayStation

    Insomniac Games has always been a strong studio, with their work on games Ratchet and Clank originals and the underrated trilogy Resistance standing out. However, he really stood out with the release of Spider-Man da The Marvel movies in 2018.

    Featuring some of the best games, storytelling and visuals the studio has ever delivered, the game has quickly established itself as the best game in the world. Spider-Man always done. 

    While that was impressive enough on its own, the Insomniac managed to hit lightning twice, as the Spider-Man 2020: Miles Morales proved to be just as strong (if not better) than its predecessor. Between these two games, a solid batch of story DLC has been released, with several free updates adding new outfits to the original game.

    not only the Spider-Man: Miles Morales continued this trend of free content by adding the Advanced Tech Suit to the game, but a major graphical update brought new muscle tech added to the PS5 version. 

    While this could have been saved for the next game, Insomniac went out of their way to add it to an already released title, showing their willingness to improve their games. 

    Beside the Spider-Man: Miles Morales , Ratchet e Clank: Rift Apart is being worked on, with the sequel fast approaching its release date. June 11th release. While it's impressive to make these two high-quality games side-by-side, releasing them so close together with no delays is an even greater achievement.

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    AlĂ©m disso, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart feels like a big step forward for the series – both narratively and from a gameplay perspective. The game is not only making the villain a fan favorite, Dr. Nefarious, a genuine threat, but it's also introducing a new protagonist in Rivet. 

    A welcome addition to the universe Ratchet and Clank , this mysterious Lombax is already winning over fans. Plus, the gameplay improvements look amazing, with the clever use of DualSense's adaptive triggers. 

    The use of rifts to make combat and arenas feel refreshing is another awesome touch, while the numerous side activities are also welcome. Based on everything that's been shown for the game so far, it looks like Insomniac is gearing up to deliver yet another hit.

    An Exciting Future Ahead

    Source: PlayStation

    As soon as Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart launches, Insomniac Games will likely turn its attention to the long-awaited Marvel's Spider-Man 2 . Taking advantage of Symbiote and Venom teasers almost guarantees that the game will live up to fan expectations, while the game can look and feel amazing by taking full advantage of the PS5's power.

    The possibility of two playable Spider-Men is also exciting, as is the chance to add more costumes and powers to the characters. webslingers use. With the opportunity to feature more Marvel heroes and the Spider-Verse in future games, there's also plenty to look forward to when it comes to Spider-Man from The Marvel movies .

    However, recent rumors have made it clear that Insomniac's future isn't just defined by Spidey. Sony recently registered a trademark for Sunset Overdrive , a former Xbox exclusive that the Playstation has owned since 2019.

    This implies that something is finally being done with Insomniac's over-the-top third-person shooter, meaning players could once again get a chance to fight the OD. 

    This coincides with a leak stating that a Sunset Overdrive remaster is on the way, with the same leak suggesting a proper sequel is on the way for PS5 owners, too. 

    called Sunset Apocalypse, it's easy to think about how the already great traversal of the original would be enhanced with the DualSense functionality. Additionally, Insomniac previously stated that they would love to make a sequel, ensuring the passion is there.

    Finally, the Insomniac apparently also sparked the return of Resistance. Along with some cryptic tweets from 2020, the first-person shooter was referenced in the latest gameplay demo for Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart . 

    Keeping alive the hope of a remastered trilogy, or even a new game where the Chimera returns, seeing the franchise return would allow the PlayStation fill the remarkable gap of a unique FPS. Regardless, these rumors make it clear that Insomniac's work ethic is second to none. 

    Plus, it's clear that the studio has incredible reach. able to jump between Ratchet e Clank , Sunset Overdrive it's the Marvel's Spider-Man, is not defined by a series. With Insomniac games coming out at a rapid pace and receiving support after launch, gamers have a big reason to support the studio. Now, more than ever, it is clear how bright the future looks for the Insomniac Games.

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