Icarus: How to earn credits quickly

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Obtaining the best items in Icarus requires Workshop credits. Players can farm this currency by spamming the Bio-Research quest.

Em Icarus , RocketWerkz's survival game, players are rewarded with credits whenever they complete a mission. 

These credits are called Ren or Rocketbucks currency and can be spent at the Icarus Workshop on various types of equipment that players can take with them to the mysterious and hostile world of Icarus. These items have a unique research cost and a crafting cost that is required each time players build them, including the first time.

Workshop items that players have purchased and crafted in Icarus can be equipped from the loadout menu before embarking on quests. 

Players must take care to move these items to the Dropship Cargo before leaving the planet, or they will be lost. If players have any damaged Workshop items in their Dropship Cargo, they can repair it by moving it into their character's inventory.

Before trying to farm Ren in Icarus, players should focus on leveling up to get some talents that will make farming easier. Ideally, they should be at least level 10 and willing to take points from the Solo tree, which is only active when not playing co-op in Icarus. 

Tier five provides the most important upgrades to help players get more Ren faster. Required talents primarily focus on stamina and speed and include Chase 'Em Down and Swift Survivor from the survival tree and Marathon Runner and Lighting Recovery from the Solo tree.

How to Cultivate Ren in Early Icarus

In order to farm credits in Icarus, players will need to unlock the Bio-Research quest. This quest will not activate until players complete the tutorial quest, “Beached: Recon,” and the second quest, “Livewire: Terrain Scan. “Players should be careful when completing the last one as enemies will spawn when the radar is activated. 

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After completing both missions, players will have access to the “Strange Harvest: Bio-Research” mission. Completing this prospect will reward 50 credits, but it's easily farmable in about 10 minutes per run.

To complete the Bio-Research quest and earn credits, players will need to harvest three strange plants from various zones of the Icarus biomes. Once players know the route, it will be easier to do this quest. 

As players land to launch the prospect, they can open the map and mark area J14 to follow the marker on the radar. It is advisable to craft a weapon if players do not already have one, as encountering enemies and creatures such as bears in Icarus while unarmed can be very detrimental to the functioning of the farm.

After emerging from the cocoon, players can choose to head south in search of stones if they need them for crafting, or cross the lake. After a few minutes of running, they will find a strange plant next to another lake. They will need to pick it up and leave quickly, as getting close to it can poison the player character.

The second objective will be near the entrance to the arctic Icarus biome in the upper right corner of zone K14. Once again, players must follow the marker towards it while trying to avoid any enemies that might come their way. 

Players must stay to the left and follow a path that leads directly to another strange plant. Once again, they must pick it up and get out quickly, or keep a maximum distance while picking it up to avoid the Poison condition.

The last plant will be to the north, near the cocoon in area L12. The path to it is rather straightforward, but players should try to go around the left side of the lake to reach it quickly. 

As players enter the area where the mountainside meets the rock cliff, they must be close enough to the plant to be able to see it. At this point they can press F and exit quickly to avoid poisoning, then head straight to the ship to complete the mission.

Clearing the “Strange Harvest: Bio-Research” quest should take around 12 minutes, or less than 10 if players use the Icarus Solo talent tree. It can also be completed multiple times. This means players can theoretically farm up to 300 Ren per hour using this method and buy whatever they want from the Workshop early.

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