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    Icarus: How to build a base

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    Players who wish to survive in the hostile world of Icarus will need shelter. Miners can build a base of fibers and sticks at the beginning of the game.

    The newest survival game from RocketWerkz studios, icarus,  can present an unforgiving world to those who wish to explore it. To protect themselves from strong Icarus storms and other threats, players will need shelter. 

    Building bases will not only be helpful in keeping players safe, it can also be a great way to store equipment and important items.

    Icarus presents many hazards that can kill players and force them to lose all items carried. However, players can build crates to store extra items they craft or find. 

    Stored items will remain in their locations and will not disappear when players die. These containers are usually best kept in bases, where they are more secure.

    To build a base, players must first reach level one. Gaining experience while surviving on Icarus is easy, as almost any harvesting activity will reward you. 

    Players can collect bushes, sticks, and rocks to level up quickly at the beginning of the game, as there is no need to collect tools. It will always be necessary to acquire these materials, and they will be needed to build the player's first shelter.

    How to Build a Shelter in Early Icarus

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    After reaching level one in Icarus, players will receive one talent point and three blueprint points. Talent points will increase the character's proficiency and blueprint points can be spent in the Tech Tree to acquire new crafting recipes. With three blueprint points, players will be able to acquire the Thatch Beam, Thatch Floor and Thatch Wall on the right side of the Tier 1 Tech Tree.

    These three blueprints are the most basic in the game, but they will provide everything a player needs to establish a foothold in the cruel world of Icarus. 

    As they level up, other shelter improvements will unlock in the Tech Tree, such as stairs, ramps, or doors. Players can also unlock sturdier versions of these blueprints, such as the wooden beam, wooden floor, and wooden wall.

    After acquiring Thatch's three basic blueprints, players will need to collect the necessary materials. Straw floors and straw walls will each require 20 fibers and three sticks, while straw beams will require 12 fibers and six sticks. These materials can be obtained by collecting bushes and sticks, which can usually be found in the ground.

    Players can click V to open the crafting menu and create as many building pieces as they want. After that, these items will appear in the inventory. They can be activated by dragging them onto the shortcut bar. When the pieces are selected, players can place them wherever they want and left-click to build.

    To build a basic base in Icarus, players must first create enough straw floors and walls. Then they must set up as many floor panels as they want and surround them with walls. 

    Walls can be rotated with the R key, as one side is camouflaged to provide additional protection from predators such as bears. To build a roof, players can simply use more straw floors while aiming upwards. This simple base will provide shelter from the elements and a place to hide from hostile creatures.

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