How to win matches in Free fire: 5 super important tips!

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O modo Clash Squad do Free Fire is a teamwork and strategy game. Winning matches in this mode will eventually rank players in its separate ranking system.

There are about eight players split into two teams in this match, and players must side with either the Warbringers or the Howlers. The objective is simple: eliminate all members of the opposing team in every round. The first team to win four rounds wins the match.

Several factors must be considered to win Clash Squad mode. This article lists the top five tips for beginners to win Free Fire’s Clash Squad in 2021.

#5 – Prepare the loadout properly at the end of each round

Image via Free Fire

No modo Clash Squad do Free Fire, players can customize their equipment. They can buy a weapon of their choice by spending the money received at the end of each round.

It's best for players to maximize their money to ensure loading that fits their play style. Some may prefer a more melee and aggressive game play, while others may choose a ranged attack weapon. Weapons specialized in these weapons can be purchased, thanks to the preparation of the loadout at the end of each round.

#4 – Be aware of maps

Image via Free Fire

The maps available for Clash Squad mode in Free Fire are much smaller compared to those in Battle Royale. Therefore, it is necessary to always be aware of the map, as enemies can make their way faster to make an attack.

Players and their companions are represented by blue arrows, while enemies are red. Always be on the lookout for these icons about where they are positioned on the map.

If the player cannot see these icons, especially the red arrows, enemies may be dead or hiding somewhere near the map.

#3 – Master the maps

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There are two maps available in Clash Squad mode from Free Fire: Bermuda and Kalahari. Mastering these two can really help with victory.

Familiarity with the areas of both maps develops after playing a few games. Therefore, it is advisable for players to play matches regularly to master them. And once they do, winning matches in Clash Squad might not be an issue.

#2 – Establish communication

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The communicationIt's not very important, especially in multiplayer game modes. In Free Fire Clash Squad mode , is the most vital aspect for a team to win a match.

Fortunately, players can communicate efficiently using Free Fire's in-game microphone feature.

Proper shooting and placement calls are vital when players are already engaged on the battlefield. Players should take advantage of them to produce a well-executed, strategic game plan.

#1 – Keep the fire burning

Image via Free Fire

Clash Squad matches in Free Fire are much faster compared to Battle Royale mode. Players can play matches continuously, even in a short amount of time. But it's not always a guaranteed win for everyone, and losing is part of the process.

Some may get discouraged when losing consecutively, but playing over and over again can help them get stronger.

Keeping the fire lit during Clash Squad matches in Free Fire is the best advice for any type of player. Skills and teamwork are important, but the determination to grind is what matters most.

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