How to use Sprays in Valorant

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How to use sprays in Valorant is a fairly simple process. If you've played Valorant for awhile, chances are you've seen cool, funny, or just plain weird sprays plastered on the walls of the map. There's no shortage of sprays that you can collect by completing contracts, progressing through the Battle Pass, or purchasing from the store, but knowing how to use them, if you have them, is essential!

How to Use Sprays in Valorant

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As mentioned earlier, the process is simple. Press the "T" KEY when close to a surface and you're done! Your spray will be there, assuming you've equipped a spray. The button you use to spray can also be changed in the game's settings. A cool feature unique to Valorant is that its sprays can change depending on the time in any given round. You can configure it to have different sprays for “Preround”, “Midround” and “Postround”.

As a complete Valorant newbie, you'll start with three basic sprays; the Valorant logo, a “GLHF” spray and a “V for Valorant” spray. All things considered, these sprays aren't bad, but the ones you can unlock through the Battle Pass or through progression are much more interesting.

When purchasing new sprays, you can select which ones you want to use during the match. Your sprays will be available in your inventory and can be changed whenever you want, as long as the player is not in a game.

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