How to use grenades in CSGO?

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Grenades are a fundamental part of strategic play in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Here we explain its main uses.

As we already mentioned in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Basics Guide , one of the basic concepts of the game, and the one that can be further explored, is the use of grenades. 

They can be used in a very simple way for really crazy things unimaginable by novice players. First, let's review the different types of grenades that exist in Valve's historic shooter and some of their most important features.

Types of grenades:

Light Grenade

Effect : For a few seconds, completely or partially blocks the view of all players who have eye contact with this grenade.

Price : $ 200.

duration of effect : from 0,95 to 4,87 seconds.

smoke grenade

Effect : Temporarily blocks view of an area and turns off molotov cocktails and incendiary grenades.

Price : $ 300.

duration of effect : 18 seconds.

Grenade HE

Effect : explosion that deals damage.

Price : $ 300.

maximum damage : 98 health with bulletproof vest, 57 without vest.

Incendiary grenade / Molotov

Effect : fire that deals damage.

Price : $400 as a terrorist, $600 as a CT.

damage and duration : Removes 40 damage per second and lasts for 7 seconds. In 3,2 seconds, kill an enemy at 100% health and pick up.

Why use grenades?

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They are the foundation of strategic and team play in CSGO. Valve's shooter offers virtually endless possibilities for these types of weapons and resources. Grenades really make the difference between a chaotic and novice team to an organized and more experienced one. Each grenade has a specific and different use depending on whether we are attacking the bombs or defending them.


Grenades allow us to move the map without being seen by the opposing team. The less information we give the rival about where we are moving and where we are going, the better. In addition, thanks to the grenades we can make false attacks, deceive enemies and deceive them. For these uses, the best grenades are undoubtedly smoke grenades.   

In addition, we can also gain space and push defenders out of their positions thanks to incendiary grenades and Molotov cocktails. These types of features are ideal for getting defenders out of corners that are too flattering for them or for forcing marksmen to move from their positions.


Grenades are as useful and necessary on offense as they are on defense in any game situation. Protecting bombs, their uses are focused on trying to prevent the corresponding attack, and for that there are many options, but the most efficient will always be smoke and incendiary grenade. Both serve to notably displace and prevent any kind of run that terrorists carry out.

In addition, in many situations the smoke allows you to see your rivals before they see you, so it is very common to throw this type of grenade at bomb entrances or at strategic points on the maps you want to control. . We leave here a clear example of this visual superiority provided by the smoke when well launched.

If we are terrorists and the bomb has already been planted, one of the best uses for both smoke and motolov cocktails is to directly prevent or prevent the deactivation of c4. These two features will allow us to gain a few seconds in our favor and can totally change the resolution of the rounds in our favor.

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