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    How to upgrade and customize your car in Forza Horizon 5

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    Upgrading and customizing cars is a big part of Forza Horizon 5, but for beginners, it can seem complicated. See how to make it easier.

    One of the best things about the series Forza Horizon is that it can make any car in the game look like it belongs to the player. From changing the car's appearance to adjusting the tire pressure, the rich customization system will teach newcomers and veterans something new alike. 

    In addition to allowing players to drive the cars of their dreams, Forza's upgrade mechanics can make a car very different from another player's version of the same model.

    Upgrading cars, however, can be overwhelming at first for most with all the different options. For players who don't know where to start, it's a good idea to follow these tips and make the best car for each person.

    Focus on braking and acceleration

    These two factors in Forza Horizon 5 play an important role, especially for players who use the launch controller. This system is only present in cars with manual transmission, which can be tuned. Slower cars can win races against faster cars if their acceleration is better; therefore, looking at this area during the update will do wonders. 

    So if players want to win drag races, it's important to pay attention to this area when tuning. The less times players change gears (especially higher gears), the faster they can reach top speeds and win races

    Braking is equally important. Stock brakes on most cars generally require more care and time, but upgrading them gives players a little more freedom of action, especially with cars that aren't made for the road. 

    Forza Horizon offers many types of brake packs if players don't spend time on them, but it also gives players the freedom to adjust the brakes to give them what they want.

    automatic upgrades

    For players who don't know much about auto mechanics, this feature allows players to upgrade their cars without having to look deep into each component. 

    By selecting this option, Forza Horizon shows the player what they will receive and how much energy is added. One problem, although not a big one, is that using the auto-update feature, the system will put the car in another class. For example, if a car is at the end of the S class, which is 900, it will be placed in S1.

    This can be annoying for players who want to race the car they have auto-updated but can't as it's off the list of recommendations. With that in mind, this feature should be used sparingly and with much slower cars at first, though players can still tweak updates later.

    add weight

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    This tip is a bit confusing, depending on what kind of car players are driving. For those who drive some of the fastest cars Forza Horizon 5 offers, adding a little weight might be a good idea. 

    As these cars have very little control at high speeds, making racing more difficult, adding a body kit or heavier components can help. This gives the car more grip on the road, allowing it to fly with ease.

    However, players should note that adding weight can detract from the car's performance. Committing to this will help players win more races with faster and faster cars. 

    Dropping weight can also be good, so players should look at the pros and cons on either side of this adjustment. In the end, it all comes down to the car the players are driving. Test frequently before doing any races.

    Earn enough credits

    There is no definitive way to upgrade cars in Forza Horizon 5, so players will spend a lot of their time testing their tweaks. Experimenting with buying upgrades or getting packages can be expensive over time. 

    The good thing, however, is that Forza Horizon 5 gives players XP points for almost everything, which can be turned into cash.

    Credits shouldn't be in short supply as long as players don't spend them all in one place. If players don't have any worries about buying too many cars, these resources can be allocated to upgrades instead of a new car. That way, players can invest their time in a car they like and make it perform better than any new car they can get.


    Buying updates is one part of the setup, and tuning is the other half. While it can be intimidating for players unfamiliar with cars, players should not allow this to stop them from using them. 

    The tweak allows players to further improve each part, making them work better without having to swap out the more expensive parts. If players are confused by the tuning department (which is not uncommon among players who are not real-life car experts), they can use the community tuning feature.

    This feature is great because other players can upload the tuning settings they have tried and tested and allow other players to use them without the headache of experimenting. 

    Tuning is a great way to make a car better for any given and making these fine adjustments on top of your upgrade so if players have a V12 engine in their car they can tune it to perform better than the original .

    Forza Horizon 5 is available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.

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