How to unlock Tribes of Midgard classes?

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As with any good roguelike, unlocking the classes Tribes of midgard will require you to multiply your attempts, until you meet the right conditions. From Berserker to Guardian, find the list of all objectives needed to get the game's classes.

Tribes of Midgard has a class system that you must unlock with a lot of blood and sweat, fulfilling the conditions stipulated in your favorites menu. At the time, the game has 8 different classes, some with prerequisites that force you to play multiple full games. 

With a little perseverance and, whenever possible, a good group of friends, it will be possible to unlock several of them in a single session. These classes are usually complementary: making compositions of varied groups will be a great advantage for your survival in this hostile world.

How to unlock classes?

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  • Guardian: Defeat 3 Jotnar in one world (Saga mode)
  • Seer: use Bifrost to drop 10 worlds (saga mode)
  • Hunter: activates all shrines in a world (Adventure mode)
  • Berserker: Defeat 20 enemies in one world (saga mode)
  • Sentinel: blocks 25 attacks in 10 seconds in a world (Saga mode)
  • Lookout: survive after day 15 (Saga mode)

To complete the list of classes available in this Tribes of Midgard season 1 you will have to play, play, and play again, until you complete these specific objectives. At the start of the game, you will not have any specialization associated with it. 

Only after reaching level 2 and earning your first favor point can you go to the “favors” tab in the main menu to link a class to the world you are navigating. It is also in this menu where you can consult the unlocking conditions for each specialty. Spoiler: It will take many hours to get them all.

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