How to unlock OTs 9 in Warzone Season 4

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Season 4 of Call of Duty Warzone and Cold War will bring us new weapons. One of them is the SMG OTs 9, here's how to unlock it in these two games.

The community Call of Duty is excited about social media. Players are eagerly awaiting all the content revealed in the official Season 4 roadmap for Warzone e Black ops cold war.

Much of this content is about new weapons that players can acquire to secure victory. One of these weapons is the SMG OTs 9. Like the nail gun or the C58, we have no doubt that this submachine gun will be exciting to try.

See how to acquire this weapon so you can play with it.


The new SMG in Warzone and the Cold War

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Just like the other new weapons in this season 4, there are two ways to unlock SMG OTs 9 in Warzone and Cold War.

The first is completing a challenge, no matter which game, which will allow you to get the base weapon. However, the official details of this challenge have yet to be announced.

This SMG OTs 9 is not expected to arrive immediately this season 4. That's why the community will likely not have information from the developers about this challenge for several weeks. This would follow the same path as previous seasons where the weapons arrived after the start of a new content period such as the CARV.2 Tactical Rifle from Season 3.

Players will also have the option to purchase a pack from the in-game store, which will give access to blueprints that will unlock the weapon immediately. The system is again quite similar with all Season 4 weapons playable in both games and unlocked in two different ways.

Image Credits: Activision

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