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    How to unlock OTs 9 in Warzone

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    A new submachine gun called OTs 9 is coming soon to Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War in Season 4. Find out how to unlock it.

    Excitement is at its height for gamers Call of Duty now, as they wait to experience Part 2 of the content that was planned in the Season 4 roadmap for Black ops cold war, as well as Warzone.

    And among all this content, there are weapons that players will be able to use in Zombies, Multiplayer e Warzone.


    Weird moments have become common since the beginning of the game.

    At the beginning of Season 4 we saw the Assault Rifle C58, the machine gun MG 82 and the nail gun. But there's still one Season 4 weapon that hasn't been released in-game, the SMG OTs 9. Find out how you'll be able to get it in just a few weeks in-game.

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    How to Unlock OTs 9 in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War

    Players will have two options to unlock OTs 9 in Warzone and Cold War. The first way is to complete a challenge in each game to get the base weapon. But for now, the titles of the challenge have not yet been revealed.

    On the other hand, players will also be able to buy the weapon with real money in the store through a pack that will be on sale when the weapon is released, as has always been the case with previous ones. .


    TOs 9 could be a SMG very powerful in Warzone.

    Now you have to wait for the next content update of the Black ops cold war before actually getting your hands on this weapon!

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