How to unlock Nail Gun in Warzone Season 4

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It's just the arrival of season 4 of Call of Duty Warzone and Cold War. New weapons will appear and one of the most interesting novelties is the nail gun. See how to unlock it.

The script for season 4 of Warzone e Black ops cold war has just been revealed. We were therefore able to access interesting content, especially about new weapons. We can, for example, notice the arrival of the assault rifle C58 or the machine gun MG LMG 82.

But these aren't those two beautiful weapons that we're most looking forward to. In fact, the addition of the nail gun adds a little more to these two games. Here's a recap on how to unlock this new weapon in Warzone e Black ops cold war.


Nail gun in season 4 of Warzone and Cold War

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Players will normally have the opportunity to unlock the Nail Gun in two different ways in Season 4 of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

According to blog oficial do Call of Duty , you can acquire this weapon by completing an in-game challenge. The other solution to getting your hands on this nail gun is to get the plants by buying them from the store. of the two games.

However, the type of challenge or package proposed has not yet been revealed to the community. Such as C58 e a MG LMG, a Nail Gun is a launch weapon for Season 4.

According to the official description of this weapon, it is a “slow-firing, highly mobile tool that uses compressed air to launch fast projectiles that do significant damage at close range”.

This new weapon is sure to thrill community members. We can expect a lot of amazing actions with this nail gun, already eagerly awaited by players.

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