How to unlock Hawkmoon in Destiny 2's Season of the Lost

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Hawkmoon is one of the most unique exotics in Destiny 2 and the process for unlocking it has changed over the years. Here's how to acquire the Hand Cannon for yourself if you lost it during the rookie season. 

Hawkmoon is a classic Destiny weapon, debuting as an exclusive PlayStation in the first season of the original game, it has since transcended platforms and made the leap to Destiny 2 Also.

When it first arrived in the sequel, the weapon was only available to players who owned the Season Pass for Season of the Hunt, meaning any new players looking to get it for themselves will need to own the Beyond Light Deluxe Edition. of the game, which gives players access to content that would otherwise have been lost with the arrival of new seasons.

If you want to return to your old favorite, this is what you need to know to get started.

How to start the “As the Crow Flies” Hawkmoon Exotic quest

To begin the quest, you will need to have completed the introductory quests to Season of the Hunt, culminating in your first Hunt with Uldren.

Once you've done that, travel to The Tangled Shore and talk to Spider. He will have "As the Crow Flies" in his inventory ready for you to pick up.

The first part of the quest will have you hunting down five paracausal feathers that are scattered across the universe. These collectibles glow with a soft golden light and give off a distinctive buzz when you're around.

Locations of the paracausal feather of the Hawk's Moon

The Tangled Shore


The first feather can be collected immediately after accepting Spider's quest

The first feather is at the entrance/exit of the Spider's lair and you can pick it up immediately after starting the quest.

You'll find him on top of a pod on the right side of the door. take it and then m

EDZ – The Sludge

For the second feather, fast travel to the EDZ and make your way to Sludge. Travel to the broken walkway overlooking the rock with the Lost Sector painting on it.


This feather is easy to reach, but only if you know where to look.

The item sits on the metal floor waiting to be picked up. Once you get it, fast travel to The Steppes at the Cosmodrome to continue.

Cosmodrome – The Steppes

This one is very simple, instead of moving out of the area you spawn in, take a quarter turn to the right and climb the broken pillar in front of you.

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You might not recognize it right away, but this broken support pillar has a feather hidden in its hat.

The third feather will be waiting among the rubble. After taking it, she will open the Warden again and make your way to the Divalian Mists in the City of Dreams.

The Dreaming City – Divalian Mists

The fourth feather is in the big purple gate of the Blind Well. Upon reaching the first entrance, you only need to look at the wall on the left or listen for the familiar faint hum to locate it.


Your fourth feather will be in the recess on the left in these gates.

Finally, get ready to take a trip to the Moon for a not-so-casual tour of the Sanctuary of Oryx.

The Moon – Sanctuary of Oryx

The last feather is in the Sanctuary of Oryx, in the room where the last quest of season 12 takes place. Go back through the rest of the shrine and hunt for the feather that is in some dirt in the lower ring of the shrine room.

Bungie / Charlie Intel

It can be a little difficult to see the feather at first, but the hum should be loud enough to let you know when it's close enough.

When you get it, return to Raven back in Spider's Safe House while he takes the next step in the quest for you.

Complete the "Cry From Beyond" Hawkmoon mission

The Crow will direct you back to the EDZ to complete the Cry From Beyond quest in The Sludge. Once you've done that, he'll ask you to generate some Power Orbs, as well as collect more feathers from various places. All of these steps use mission waypoints, so they're not difficult to follow.


Fighting champions has become a staple of PVE content.

Once this is done, you will be prompted to collect a series of champion or guardian kills. Champion kills grant 3% progress towards completion and Guardian kills grant 0,5%, so pick whichever suits you best and start grinding.

If you're after Champion kills, however, the Legend Lost Sectors difficulty isn't a bad way to do it and can save you some time.

Once this step is completed, you will finally be in the final step of the quest.

Completing the Exotic Weapons Quest from “The Raven and the Falcon”

The final step of the quest takes us back to Sludge to get started. Just like in Cry From Beyond, you'll follow a clearly marked path on your way through a variety of platforming and combat-related challenges.

After a quick run through the quest, you'll get Hawkmoon for yourself and have a chance to test it out, as there's a final combat encounter to finish before the quest ends and you're free to take your new friend out in the wild. world.

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