How to Unlock C58 in Warzone Season 4

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In Season 4 of Warzone and Cold War, the arsenal expands with the arrival of a new assault rifle. Here are the various ways to unlock the C58. 

All new seasons Call of Duty Warzone e Cold War bring their share of surprises. This season, we are entitled to several new weapons to unlock in order to achieve victory. Among them we can find the nail pistol , the MG 82 LMG, the sledgehammer and therefore the assault rifle C58.

There is no doubt that players will be eager to test this new rifle so they can compare it to others. Here is a detailed explanation that will allow you to unlock this weapon.

Raven Software

The C58 arrives at Warzone and Cold War

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As in previous seasons, the Battle Pass will feature two weapons that can be unlocked as you level up. It turns out that the assault rifle C58 It's one of those two weapons. Players will need to reach level 31 in this battle pass to unlock it. Also, once this level is reached, this weapon will be available for all your games, either in Warzone or in Black ops cold war.

As well as the nail gun, it will also be possible to unlock this weapon by purchasing a pack available in the store. Regardless of whether the purchase is made in Warzone or Cold War, the weapon will be available in both games.

According to the official description of this new weapon available on blog oficial do Call of Duty , is a “fully automatic assault rifle. High damage at close range with a slower rate of fire. Fast bullet speed and reliable recoil control with less ammo capacity. ”

Without hesitation, players will want to reach level 31 as soon as possible, they will be able to judge whether this weapon is powerful enough to enter the meta and compete with other assault rifles already present.

Image Credits: Raven Software

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