How to Unlock a Poro Gun Buddy

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The animated series Arcane is now online on Netflix, and Riot continues to provide us with in-game cosmetic rewards related to it. You may have heard of the Arcane Poro Gun Buddy but have no idea how to get it; after all, it's not part of the Arcane Pass, Collector's Pack, or Twitch Rewards. So how do you achieve this then? You can only unlock the Poro Gun Buddy by completing a special quest at , and today we are going to show you how to do this step by step. This is a limited time offer , so you better hurry up and claim that sweet Poro today!

Step 1: Go to and make sure you're signed in to your Riot account. And if you're not, just click the big "LOGIN" button in the center of the site.
Step 2: So logged in, click “Explore Now”. This will take you to a browser mini-game based on the Arcane universe.
Step 3: Read the introduction and talk to Heimerdinger. And don't worry, your dialogue choices don't really matter.
Step 4: Click on the map icon in the upper left corner. You will get a list of locations you can move to.
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Step 5: Choose “Kiljoy's Lab”. This is where you will find this sweet Poro Gun Buddy.
Step 6: Fale com Phoenix in Killjoy. Again, your dialogue choices don't matter. After completing the dialogues, you will get some Killjoy quests.
Step 7: Complete Killjoy's questline. You'll find them in the top right corner, and these are just a few short tasks that require you to click on some objects on the interactive map (takes less than a minute).
Step 8: Talk to Jett and then talk to Yoru. After finishing the dialogue with Yoru, you will be rewarded with a Poro Gun Buddy.
Step 9: that's it! Now just launch Valorant and enjoy your Poro Gun Buddy!
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