How to transfer games from Xbox One to Xbox Series X/S

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Switching to a new console can be a hassle, but this guide will walk users through two processes to copy games from Xbox One to Series X/S.

The holiday season means many gamers have found new consoles under their Christmas trees. As a result, many people are connecting their new consoles Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S for the first time.

However, that also means moving all your old games to new hardware. There are two main ways to transfer games between an Xbox One and an Xbox Series X or Series S, and this guide will walk users through both processes.

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First, it's important to note that not everything needs to be moved manually. Profile and account information is automatically transferred the first time a user logs into your new console. 

This includes Gamertags, Gamerscore, the ever-important Achievements, the user's friends list, and their parental control settings. Users can also download any games they have previously purchased through the Xbox Live Marketplace and will have access to all saved games stored in the cloud.

Moving games and apps with network transfer

The simplest method for moving data to a new Xbox is the Network Transfer from the console. Network transfer allows users to move games between any Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles on the same home network.

After connecting the two consoles, press the Xbox button on the Xbox One Controller. then in Profile and system, navigate to Settings > System > Backup & Transfer > Network Transfer and check the box â€śAllow network transfer”.

Then repeat the same steps on Xbox Series X/S. After that, select Xbox One from the list of connected devices. Choose the games and apps to download and click â€śCopy selected”. 

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Depending on the number of games and apps, it may take a while for the transfer to complete. Starting a game or application on the receiving console will pause the transfer.

Moving games and apps with an external drive

Users can also transfer games between consoles with any USB3 compatible external storage drive. After connecting the unit to Xbox One, select the option â€śFormat Storage Device”.

The system will ask users to name the device and whether they want to set it as the primary storage unit. Note that formatting the drive also deletes all other data on the device. 

After the external drive has finished formatting, press the Xbox button and go to Settings > System > Backup & Transfer > Backup My Settings and choose the option â€śBack up to device”.

After backing up the settings, go back to Backup and transfer and select â€śHard Disk Transfer”. 

Then choose the games and apps to transfer and choose â€śCopy selected” ou â€śMove selected”. 

Once the transfer is complete, users can unplug the car from Xbox One and plug it into their new Xbox Series X or Series S. 

Users can play their Xbox One games directly from the external drive or copy them to the console's internal drive.

To transfer the games from the user's external drive to the X/S Series indoor drive, open the app settings , navigate to System> Storage , select the external drive and click "To transfer".

Again, choose the games to transfer and select â€śCopy selected” ou â€śMove selected”. Finally, select the internal drive and click "Copy" ou "Move" to start the transfer.

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