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    How to teleport in Minecraft

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    Save travel time and just teleport to where you need to go.

    In the seemingly infinite world of Minecraft , traveling can take a lot of time. If you want to save time, you can teleport between locations. Teleporting will reduce travel time and there are a few different ways to do this.

    First, it is important to know that there is no instant teleport over long distances in minecraft if you don't use command codes . Teleportation for shorter distances is possible, as is the use of portals to shorten a journey. In this guide, we'll cover teleportation with portals, Ender Pearls, and Chorus Fruit, as well as the teleport command.

    teleport command code

    The fastest way to teleport is with the teleport command code. To use this code, you will need to type the following into your chat bar.

    / teleport [game name] [X] [Y] [Z]

    Pressing the bar will open the chat bar, allowing you to enter the rest of the code. In the image above you can see the command in use, with the player's name and the desired coordinates.

    If you are looking for a specific biome or location, you can also use a code to get the coordinates. To find the coordinates of a specific location, type the following in your chat bar.

    Finding an area:

    / locate [AreaName]

    For example: / locate jungle_pyramid

    Finding a biome:

    / locatebiome minecraft: [BiomeName]

    For example: / locatebiome minecraft: birch_forest

    When entering one of these command codes, you will see the location coordinates. To go there, just connect them to the teleport command code.

    Throwing an Ender Pearl

    In addition to using command codes, you can use an Ender Pearl to teleport shorter distances. To do this, you just need throw an Ender Pearl in the direction you want to teleport . You will be teleported to the location where the pearl lands. For example, if you throw an Ender Pearl across a river, you will be teleported across the river.

    This method of teleportation can be useful for exploring the End and the Nether. In the end, you will find floating islands. Instead of using a lot of resources to build bridges, you can cast an ender pearl. If you accidentally drop an Ender Pearl into the void, you will not be teleported. Also, if you need to cross a river of lava or a chasm in the Nether, just cast an Ender Pearl.

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    Ender Pearls fall from Endermen. You can find this mob at night in the overworld, usually in groups of two. They will also appear in certain Nether biomes ( Nether Wastes, Soul Sand Valley e Warped Forest ), as well as everywhere in the End. If you can't find any Endermen, you can buy the pearls from an expert-level cleric villager for five emeralds.

    eat chorus fruits

    The final method for instant teleportation is using a Chorus Fruit. This is a purple fruit that can be found almost everywhere in the End. They grow on top of the chorus plants, which you can see above. To get Chorus Fruit, you just need to break the lower block of the plant. This will cause the plant to collapse, dropping the fruit.

    Eating a Chorus Fruit will teleport you up to eight blocks in any direction. The fruit also has ability to teleport you across blocks . If you're stuck in a small space, you can eat a Chorus Fruit for a chance to escape.

    A Chorus Fruit will teleport you up to eight blocks as long as there are blocks nearby. If you're on the edge of a cliff or near the edge of an island at the End, a Chorus Fruit will not teleport you to the edge. Furthermore, the fruit will not teleport you to lava or water.

    Using a Portal

    Teleportation can also be done through portals, but it works a little differently. Instead of teleporting into space, you will be teleported to a new dimension. There are two different types of portals, so let's take a look at each of them below.

    Portal Nether

    A Nether portal will teleport you to the Nether. To build this portal, you need build a 4×5 frame with obsidian, leaving the center empty. This can be done with 14 blocks as shown above. If you're low on obsidian, you can also make a portal with just 10 blocks. Corner blocks are not required to activate the portal, so you can leave them out.

    After the frame is built, use flint and steel on the inside of the portal . This will activate the Nether Portal, turning the interior purple.

    Traveling in the Nether will work differently. There is a 1:8 ratio for distance. This means that for every block you go in the Nether, you will have moved eight blocks in the Overworld.

    Because of this, you can use Nether Portals to set up a 'fast travel' system. For example, if two portals are placed in the Nether 1.000 blocks apart, they will cover 8.000 blocks in the Overworld.

    This is not instant teleport, but it will help you explore the world faster.

    Final portal

    The second type of portal we have will teleport you to the End. This portal can be found in strongholds and will bring you one step closer to the Ender Dragon.

    To activate an end portal, you'll need to find a stronghold's portal room. In this room you will find 12 boards, filled with a random number of Eyes of Ender. Filling in the remaining frames will activate the portal, allowing you to enter the End.

    Those are all the ways to teleport in Minecraft. Overall, you can see that the game focuses on exploration rather than fast travel. The teleport command code is not required, but it is incredibly useful in creative mode if you are looking for new areas to build.

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