How to score more goals and win more games in FIFA Mobile

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Winning matches always comes down to how many points you can score in FIFA Mobile and that's what this article is about. Here are examples of very common situations you will find yourself in and also the best plays you can use. This will increase the chance of you hitting the goal and ultimately winning the match.

This FIFA Mobile guide is divided into two sections. One is about dealing with situations on the way to the goal (includes losing the ball less, saving time and putting your striker in a better position) and the other part is about actually hitting the goal (like finishing, penalties and corners). )

Make the ball hit the goal more often

Often you will find yourself in an attacking situation where your players have multiple defenders in front of them. Here are the best ways to resolve these situations in your favor.

Spinning around the defender

Spinning is a perfect move because it will prevent the defender from having direct access to the ball and consequently being able to take it away from you. Basically, you always want to have your player between the ball and the defender.

A very common situation is when your player wants to go towards the goal to attack and a defender is running (or walking) directly towards you and is right between your player and the goal. See a situation like this in the image below:

Source: Screenshot of the game

With a spin move, you'll always position yourself correctly, so the defender has to risk a foul or miss (depending on the stats of the players involved here).

Always remember, you don't want to spin on your opponent's feet, so don't be too early!

Your player will always set the ball a little off towards the end to gain speed and when you start too early you will lose the ball easily.

You can also use spin perfectly when you're coming from the outside and the path to the goal is blocked by a defender running alongside you.

Source: Prepared by the author

In that case, you can turn and point in the other direction right away and the defender will run a few steps in the wrong direction, leaving you with plenty of time for a nice goal attempt (and ideally to hit him).

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Try to kick instead of dribble

Source: Screenshot of the game

In most situations, the player does not simply try to kick if he is not directly in front of the goal and 20 meters away. And the reason to start doing that is simple, dribbling towards the goal costs time (precious time that you can use for an additional situation), plus the risk of losing the ball to a defender. Long range shots are, FIFA-style, extremely effective.

The “Rainbow” Movement

Source: Screenshot of the game

You need a player with FIFA Mobile dribbling stats of 90 or higher to make this move and it is extremely effective in a 1-on-1 situation against a single defender. Simply swipe up the “Spring & Skill” button and your player will lift the ball over the defender, leaving you in a perfect position to shoot towards the goal.

Attack tips for more goals in FIFA Mobile

Now let's talk about the situations where the goal is right in front of you and you want to have the best possible chances of actually scoring that goal in FIFA Mobile.

Swipe (except in one case)

Swiping instead of using the shot button should always be your choice when trying to score a goal in FIFA Mobile (except in one situation I'll get to that later) swiping will give you MUCH better options where the ball will hit and also its curve. Especially when the keeper is out of goal, you can elegantly slide above him.

Source: Screenshot of the game

The only exception is the straight shot. It's much more accurate (especially when you can't see the goal through the viewfinder). It is also a viable option, as in any other FIFA game you know, to score goals from a distance, as it is very easy and probably always will be.

How to score corner goals

Source: Screenshot of the game

Scoring in a corner is easier than you might think. You have exactly two options here:

(1) Select the player you want to cross;

(2) Crossing in the open space in front of the goal.

This isn't a gamble, so just take a look at your attacker in the middle. If he is taller than the marker in front of him (as you can see in the image above), you should select him and simply throw the ball directly at him. If this is not the case, throw the ball into the open space in front of the goalkeeper and make a hole so that your attacker is faster than the defenders.

Always go for the rebound

Never give up on scoring! Often the ball will bounce off the goalie, so try to move your attacker to the place where it could bounce (not knowing if it will actually bounce). This type of situation normally occurs in almost every game and these are great opportunities to hit the goal, the rebounds.


When you apply all these tips, you'll likely start scoring a lot more goals in versus attacks, because the AI, frankly, isn't that smart and will always fall for these moves. In the end, it's always about scoring as many goals as possible so as not to leave your opponent with a chance in the counterattacks. He needs to score more goals than you and often times opponents just think the better team will win and waste a lot of time making a perfect goal instead of trying to get as many tries as possible.

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