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Riot Games finally released Valorant's competitive mode in the latest patch 1.02. However, something that also caught the eye in this patch was the deployment of surrender within Valorant.

Players can now choose to surrender in a match before its conclusion. If they don't want to continue playing, they can call an early surrender vote. This requires all players on the team who want to surrender to vote “yes” for it to be approved.

You can initiate a surrender request by typing “/ff”, “give up”, “give in” or “surrender”. in the chat. To open the chat (if you don't already know it), just press the Enter key.

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When you ask for a surrender vote or one of your teammates, you have the option to vote “/yes” (by typing in chat or pressing F5) or “/no” (by typing in chat or pressing F6 ). If all five players on your team vote to forfeit, the match will end prematurely.

But there is a problem. Surrender votes cannot start before the eighth round. When a vote is started, the voting option will be queued for the next round. If you request the surrender vote in the buy phase, it will be available almost immediately.

If a surrender vote is taken, the winning team will receive credit for all the rounds required to submit them to the 13 rounds. The opposite is true for the losing team.

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