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    How to record in 1080p with OBS (2022)

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    With programs like OBS, anyone can become the next great content creator. Read on now to learn how to record in 1080p with OBS.

    Thanks to the widely available recording and streaming program OBS, creating content is easier than ever. As Open Broadcaster Software, anyone can record videos and upload them to YouTube, TikTok or other hosting sites.

    However, when everyone has access to the same content creation tools, you need to make sure your content looks its best. If you're having trouble shooting your OBS videos in 1080p, this guide will help you look your best.

    How to set OBS to record in 1080p

    In order for OBS to record at 1080p, you will first need to change the output method to Advanced, then navigate to the Output section in the settings and then the Recording tab. 

    You should set the encoder to NVENC if your graphics card is strong enough and set the rate control to CBR at a bitrate of 10.000. If your video is recording in an unusual screen format, you can resize the output to 1920Ă—1080.

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    Tips for recording OBS 1080p

    If your video settings look like the one above, you probably won't have a problem recording at 1080p as long as your current gaming setup can handle it. This will improve the quality of your recordings, but it may also lead to some lags or other performance issues in the game. 

    Some experts also recommend changing the Recording Format to .mp4 to save space on your drive with a format that is widely accessible on most current devices.

    If you're lagging in the game, try setting your bitrate to something lower, like 5000, then increase from there. Another option to reduce lag could be to change your encoder to x264 instead of NVENC as this will reduce the workload on your graphics card.

    Another tip if you're having trouble is in the Stream section. If you are streaming to Facebook Live, Twitter or Youtube, you should select “Ignore streaming server settings recommendations”, which can limit some aspects of your stream. It can be beneficial to create a new profile when you have stabilized your settings, so that you can come back to it if you need to adjust anything.

    It's not difficult to record in high quality 1080p using OBS software, but it can be taxing on your hardware. If you have any problems recording with these settings, consider starting lower and working your way up to the most optimized specs for your PC. That's all you need to know to start recording in 1080p with OBS.

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