How to quickly level up your weapons in Warzone?

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Call of Duty Warzone offers a plethora of weapons that work well when equipped with the right gear and the right perks. Here are the fastest ways to upgrade your weapons in Warzone Season 4.

Leveling up comes in all its forms in Call of Duty, whether it's in the Battle Pass for a new season, in an attempt to reach a new level of prestige, or in the weapons themselves. Most of the equipment will give you huge gameplay advantages. So players are naturally eager to unlock them for their favorite weapons in Warzone.

Accessing the best gear can take some time, but luckily we've found the most effective and fastest ways to level up weapons in Warzone, which will get you leveling up quickly.

The fastest ways to level up weapons in Warzone

war zone contracts

Raven Software

Execute contracts in the warzone to earn XP

When everyone arrives in Verdansk, the map is littered with contracts that players can activate. These are optional engagements that players can choose to participate in to earn more XP and cash as they play.

Warzone's Battle Royale mode contains the following contracts that players can choose and decide to complete:

  • Plunderers
  • Recognition
  • Supply Run
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Most wanted

As long as you already have your weapon equipped, completing these objectives will give you additional XP, which will help with the purchase of the weapon of your choice.

Play Rebirth and any mode except BR

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The Island of Rebirth is a good way to accumulate XP, eliminating many opponents

If you want to use your fully equipped weapons to achieve significant victories in Call of Duty: Warzone, that's fine. But if you're still developing the best gear for Warzone, we don't recommend playing Battle Royal.

Instead, play some of the game's modes. Warzone friendlier to respawn that encourage players to enjoy the game more and increase their kills.

At the end of the day, killing enemies is the best way to accumulate XP in Call of Duty: War zone 4th Season. Touring the island in Rebirth mode will give you many more opportunities to come back alive than in Battle Royale. This is because this mode essentially gives you a guaranteed life and then a one in two chance in the Gulag.

Perform pre-game lobby eliminations

Raven Software

Earn XP by eliminating opponents in the pre-game lobby

Unbeknownst to many players in the Warzone, the pre-game lobby can be rewarding for players who are crushing idle opponents.

As time goes on, you will often see many players free-falling or floating straight towards the ground.

This is a clear sign that the player is AFK and that they are probably worried about their phone while they wait for the match to start. But this is an opportunity for you to earn some XP, as kills in the pre-game lobby always reward you with XP.

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