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    How to qualify for FIFA 22 FUT Champions Qualifiers and Finals

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    If you're looking to qualify for the FIFA 22 FUT Champions Playoffs and Finals, we've got everything you need to know, including how the system works, how to claim rewards, and more.

    The players of FIFA 22 have differing opinions on the game since its release on October 1st. However, the general consensus is that it's a step in the right direction compared to its predecessor, particularly in terms of gameplay.

    However, one of its biggest improvements was a streamlined approach to the beloved FUT Champions mode. It is one of Ultimate Team's three competitive modes, along with Squad Battles and Division Rivals.

    But unlike the other modes, it is considered where the cream of the crop is. After all, you can only qualify by accumulating enough points in Division Rivals. Here's everything you need to know.


    You are almost on top of the FIFA world when you reach the playoffs.

    How to qualify for FIFA 22 FUT Champions Play-offs

    To qualify for the FIFA 22 FUT Champions Play-offs, you will need to play Division Rivals to win Champions Qualification Points (CQP) . It follows a ladder system where you can move up and down based on your results.

    You will start in Division 10 and will need to work your way through that and all other divisions throughout the season. Winning matches is one thing. However, winning multiple matches in quick succession is the key to scaling faster.

    At the same time, draws and losses will make you stagnate and even fall. Fortunately, there are several checkpoints that prevent you from descending once you reach a certain point. Still, you'll need to win to climb.

    When you reach the required number of CQP to enter the Play-offs, you will enter on it automatically . You can see how much CQP is required to qualify for Play-offs by checking in-game using the following steps:

    1. Go to FUT
    2. Select ' Play '
    3. Select ' FUT champions '

    How to qualify for FIFA 22 FUT Champions Finals

    Qualifying for the FUT Champions Finals is a different beast. This will only happen if you earn enough points in the FUT Champions Play-offs to get a qualifying token for the finals . The only way to do that is to win lots of games.

    If you have achieved this, you will be able to choose when you want to participate in the Finals in exchange for the Token. They are only open during limited hours. However, you can check the schedule in the game.

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    Players will be able to enter the FUT Champs Finals at any time with the new Qualification Token.

    New FUT Champs rewards system explained

    EA wanted to “rebalance the rewards across both phases of the competition” in FIFA 22 by introducing Playoffs and Finals. For the first time, the players can earn two separate reward sets with based on your performance in those matches.

    Naturally, if you make it to the Finals, the rewards will be bigger and better compared to the Playoffs. This includes excellent cards to reinforce your lineup.

    How to claim FIFA 22 FUT Champions rewards


    Players will have a flurry of rewards to choose from among these packs.

    Claiming FUT Champions rewards in FIFA 22 has never been easier. You can claim them right after completing your matches or when the event expires, whichever comes first. No more waiting time.

    Best formations FIFA 22 FUT Champions

    As mentioned above, FUT Champions is the cream of the crop when it comes to the competitive FIFA 22 experience. This means you'll want to be prepared and using the right formation is one of the best ways to get an edge over your opponent.

    Here is a list of some of the best formations we recommend checking out for your teams in FUT. They have proven to be effective time and time again in previous iterations of the tournament.

    • 5-4-1 (diamond)
    • 3-5-1-1
    • 5-2-3
    • 4-3-2-1

    Best FIFA 22 Custom Tactics for FUT Champs

    Likewise, custom tactics will also be essential when trying to get FUT wins. Let's not jump on them here. Let's not jump on them here. However, you can find a breakdown of all of them in our best custom tactics guide by clicking here .

    And with that, you should know almost everything there is to know about FUT Champions Finals and Playoffs. Hopefully, with a little help from our custom formations and tactics, you'll be on your way to glory in no time.

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