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    How to play Tribes of Midgard

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    If you were expecting an isometric version of Valheim, or a Devil among Vikings, sorry, this isn't your game. Tribes of Midgar plays with a survival more similar to that of a roguelike, and also difficult. We help you take your first steps in this new vision of Ragnarok.

    after playing Tribes of Midgard, you might think you're playing a different game than Nordfell and Gearbox Publishing show. From a distance, you might think the game was trying to build on Valheim's recent success, and while it may be part of the case, the proposed gameplay experience has absolutely nothing to do with it. 

    With no basic builds, rather simplistic craftsmanship, and a survival aspect that easily dispenses with thirst and hunger indicators, Tribes of Midgard is a very different game, quite daring, and perhaps not exactly suited to the general public. 

    In this guide, we explain what your first steps in the game will be like and we give you some tips to start your first worlds.

    Game concept and goals

    Although it is a question of surviving in Tribes of Midgard, it is true that you will have a very different experience from other games in the genre. In fact, ToM plays like a roguelike in the background, with uncompromising mechanics and a difficulty that we'll have to learn to master to face the most acute challenges of this first season. 

    The principle is simple: in the center of your village is the World Tree, if your health bar drops to zero, the game endsand you will lose everything you've done, at least most of it. Each night, waves of stronger and stronger enemies will knock on your door to destroy the divine plant, so you will have to return, time and time again, to the center of your village to defend it. 

    A concept that does not take half measures and does not propose the same Valheim ou Ark Survival Evolved, but the recipe works and the game is a lot of fun.

    don't start alone

    It's a staple for almost every survival game, but it's even truer for Tribes of Midgard. The game requires you to experience the map, to cover as much ground as possible in a minimum amount of time to unlock teleporters for the entire team, not to mention the 3 gates of the village to be defended. The difficulty is adjusted to the number of players , but regardless, if these are your first games, we recommend that you gather a group of friends to accompany you or try to organize matches, although the result and your satisfaction are probably not the same. .

    Starter and progression kits

    There are two types of progression in the game: a permanent with the elements unlocked thanks to completed achievements and that will return every time you fall, and in-game progression that will disappear with each new world created (except for the golden horns, but we'll for sure have the opportunity to come back to it later). After each of your sessions it is essential to go to the progress section of the main menu and empty all the rewards obtained thanks to your Viking exploits.

    Along with the (free) battle pass format progress bar that brings more resources and new crafting recipes, you'll find items that will save you a little time. For example, starter kits will help you save precious minutes at the beginning of the game. In your first few sessions, you'll unlock the craftsman and fighter, which you can equip in your character's customization menu. These item packs contain everything you need to start the game, with basic tools or equipment (sword, shield and armor), but beware, you can only equip one at a time. We recommend that groups of players share the fun by sharing the tasks.

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    Camp improvements

    To gain access to the various levels of equipment, you will need spend souls to upgrade the various workshops available in your village. This will not only expand the inventory of different merchants, but also make them tougher and stronger during enemy invasions. Also, other buildings you should plant around the camp should be prioritized if you want to defend yourself effectively, such as watchtowers (which come with archers) or armored doors.

    Thus, We recommend that you first upgrade the Tool Workshop, up to Level 3, to have the necessary material recipes for the buildings. Finally, around your barricade you can find dilapidated buildings that you can restore – these are also very important as they will provide you with raw material reserves every ten minutes, directly deposited in your war chest.

    Relics and Powers

    Relics are passive bonuses, which stack up to the maximum 6 simultaneously, and that you will find in the corpses of your enemies, or in the chests of the fields that you will empty. Its effects are pretty clear, no problem for that, although there are some whose effects are supposedly mysterious, like the golden egg which would apparently allow a herd of golden hens to appear capable of providing valuable resources.

    Jotunn and the Blood Moon: A Race Against Time

    They look like mountains, but the reality is that the Jotunn aren't that tough. In fact, it is possible to repel the first of them with a simple level 2 equipment. Specifically, it is not necessary to wait for the giant to be close to your village to start the fight: go find him between day 3 and day 4 (depending on of the biomes you can get through) and start attacking him from the start: Jotunn are a big bag of HP, killing them easily will take 5 minutes of non-stop combat. With a few potions in your bag, your biggest enemy will be time.

    It's much worse in the bloody moon phase, as enemies will appear directly at your doors, ready to rip your World Tree apart with great evil blows. Blood Moon waves contain subdued enemies, including a few mini-bosses (differentiated by their yellow bar), so you'll need to prepare well before launch (the first is usually on day 4). Watchtowers and higher level villagers are almost mandatory so the World Tree doesn't take too much damage from these attacks.

    How to end the saga?

    Big question. First of all, don't even dream of getting there in your first session - the game requires you to adjust to its frenetic pace, and the first Jotunn doesn't necessarily end in a snap. But once you unlock some starter kits, you can focus on the main quest, which is constantly indicated on your map. 

    The first objective will be to prepare you for battle, the second to defeat the Jotunn that threatens your World Tree, the third will be to repair a bridge that leads to the top of snowy peaks, etc., etc. Gathering materials will be essential along your journey, but we recommend that you dabble in wrought iron, polished stone, and planks as soon as possible.

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