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    How to play The Wild at Heart

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    The Wild at Heart is a touching little game that combines different game types. Here are some beginner tips to get you started.

    The Wild at Heart is a unique indie game because it uses the mechanics of many different games. The creatures you control and that help you are reminiscent of Pikmin, but there's also a survival ship feature and more. The game is a pretty calm and straightforward experience, but it also has puzzles and features that will leave you scratching your head.

    You have to learn how to control Spritelings and defeat mini-bosses, among other things. The different resources available can get lost in the mud, so here's where to start looking. There are basics to understanding the core mechanics of The Wild at Heart so you can keep yourself and your Spritelings alive.

    Spriteling Basics

    The first Spriteling you encounter is a Twigling. These are Wood-type Spritelings. There are up to five different types that you can find throughout the game. Each type of Spriteling has specific powers and attributes. , so it's important to have them all and know when to use them.

    You will need different types of Spritelings to reach new areas. For example, you will find objects or areas blocked behind tumbleweed bushes. They need five Emberlings to unlock it.

    Spritelings are your main line of defense against enemies. You'll have to throw them at enemies and the Deep Grove. To defeat enemies, you need Spritelings, as your hands and feet just won't do.

    Types of Spritelings:

    • Twigling - nature
    • Emberling - fire
    • Tremendous - gelo
    • Barbling â€“ thorns
    • Lunaling â€“ corruption

    Using Spritelings

    You have to throw spritelings at things for them to start working. In the photo above, the Twiglings were thrown into the pile of sticks, which made them automatically pick them up and build the bridge. Any object that needs Spritelings to build or transport will highlight how many Spritelings are needed when you get close to it. The color of the highlighted number will also represent the type of Spriteling required.

    Getting more Spritelings

    You will inevitably lose Spritelings. Whether it's because you abandoned them in the dark, lost them, or were killed by an enemy. Regardless of what happens, it's completely normal and there's an easy way to get more. There will be heart shaped plants blue or purple growing around each map. By throwing a Spriteling at these plants, they will break and drop the Spriteling's eggs. The type of Spriteling Egg you get depends on the type of Spriteling that broke the plant. With this egg you can hatch more Spritelings in a Spirit Well .

    Spiritual wells are found at campgrounds and in The Grove. It looks like a tree stump with a blue glow inside it. Here, you can hatch more Spritelings, recruit or withdraw them, and dispose of any stray Spritelings you couldn't find in the wild. Later in the game, you'll be able to start upgrading how many Spritelings you can bring with you. The maximum amount of Spritelings you can carry is 60.

    Loading more Spritelings

    To transport more Spritelings, you need to find an item that is hidden on the map. The Grove has missing stores that will provide many services, one of them being buying and upgrading Spritelings. You have to find the objects that will be turned into stores for The Grove. The object needed to update Spritelings is the Soul Shell .

    To get the Soul Shell, you need to have at least 15 Twiglings with you.

    • Coming out of The Grove in Central Deep Woods, walk to the left until you find large frogs.
    • There will be a green plant on the riverbank above them that needs five Twiglings to activate.
    • Once activated, the plant creates a water lily bridge.
    • Go up the bridge and directly to your left you will see a stone wall that 15 Spritelings can push through.
    • Once pressed, it will reveal the Soul Shell on the other side.
    • Farther left is a hidden area with a chest and another item.

    TIP: Your Twiglings will only be able to activate the water lily bridges after you speak to Gray Coat in the Catafalatque.

    Basics for Gustbuster

    The Gustbuster is Wake's only weapon, aside from his trusty boot. Early on, Scrap Heap will update you so that you can use it with lower and higher power. Higher power will suck up heavier objects like loot, Spritelings and log bridges.

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    It's important to remember this and use your higher power whenever you can. This can be an efficient technique in battle because you can instantly suck up Spritelings.

    However, the free Scrap Heap update is not all there is. Once you've obtained all the items from the shop that The Grove needs, you'll be able to continue to update Gustbuster . This allows it to last longer when using higher potency.

    NPCs e The Shiny Rock

    At the beginning of the game, Gray Coat gives you the Shiny Rock. This is basically a cell phone. You can instantly communicate with Gray Coat and Scrap Heap at any time during your adventure. Later, you will also be able to summon two other NPCs from Shiny Rock.

    It's important to use Shiny Rock whenever you're not sure about something. This is not just a cute feature for the sake of the story. Calling these NPCs will allow you to ask for tips and suggestions about your current location or a side quest. There is also an achievement for exhausting dialogue.

    The grove

    While you can find campgrounds and sleeping tents everywhere on the map and use them for your comfort and safety, The Grove is your base. In The Grove, you will be able to access side quests and upgrades. After unlocking each NPC and making purchases, you can do a whirlwind of things.

    • update health
    • Update Spritelings
    • Delivered in side missions
    • Sell ​​items for cash
    • Buy items to craft

    The Grove is the main hub. You'll have to come back every now and then to beef up Wake and Spritelings and contact NPCs about quests.

    Fast travel

    There is also a fast travel station here. The blue circle of rocks in the ground can be found elsewhere in the Deep Forest. When you press the interact button while on it, the map opens normally. The only difference is that you can now travel quickly by holding down the interaction button at the desired location. You'll want to use this at the end of the game.

    How to make crafts in the heart of the jungle

    They leave the crafting to you. You don't have recipes and you can experiment. After all, that's what Wake is best at. You'd better throw the items together because you'll end up creating something worthwhile. After crafting an item for the first time, your recipe is saved and you can access recipes for quick crafting by accessing the workbench.

    Useful recipes:

    • Oople Tonic â€“ two oople hearts, empty bottle
    • Night light â€“ loose part, empty bottle, flower stone
    • kettle pump â€“ loose part, mesmerite, fever fragment
    • Recall Tonic â€“ bitter heart, empty bottle, flowery stone

    how to survive the night

    His first welcome to the Deep Woods was met with despair when it was time for the night. There are daytime cycles within the game and when the night comes, things get a little more difficult . During the night, dark shadows will start chasing you and hurting you and your Spritelings until they find a source of light to hide.

    Along the maps, there are flashlights for you to run safely. It's not much when you're stuck in a puzzle, though. That's why creating light sources is important when you're on an adventure and away from a campsite.

    These dark shadows are known as The Never and they are the antagonists of the game that you must get rid of sooner or later. During the game, you cannot hurt them, but you must run away using the light. That's also why establish campsites is important. With sleeping tents, you can skip the night completely to ensure safe time when exploring.

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