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Learn to master this epic endless running game with these practical and effective tips and tricks.

Temple Run may not be the first endless runner in history, but Imangi Studios has managed to “repopularize” the genre for the mobile platform. 

The first Temple Run game was undeniably a phenomenon, and Temple Run 2 is also a huge success. Unlike its iconic predecessor, Temple Run 2 offers more polished gameplay and adds more depth. 

It also gives players greater options for the number of playable characters and maps to explore. Despite the drastic changes, Temple Run 2 remains true to its classic gameplay while successfully incorporating additional challenges and obstacles players will encounter along the way.

A newly added polished map – the Enchanted Palace vs The classic map – The Sky Summit.

Temple Run 2's mechanics are generally simple and manageable. Here, your character will automatically run on an endless path full of obstacles and traps, and your objective is to survive at all costs. The controls, however, are minimal. You can slide underneath or jump over obstacles, change directions by swiping the screen left or right or tilting your device.

The challenge in this game is that you only get “one shot” in each race. There will be no health bar or life points to consume. A single mistake will simply end the game unless you take advantage of the resources available, including the gems that serve as the game's premium currency. Listed below are tips and tricks to help you maximize your chances of surviving the race, as well as ways to practical and effective ways to increase their resources.

How to maximize your survival in Temple Run 2


Power-Ups on mine railways on the Sky Summit map

Temple Run 2 is a very unpredictable game. This is not a Mario-style game that you can easily master by remembering the same sequence.

Keep in mind that the map and obstacles will dynamically change with each race. Players are highly encouraged to exert the best of their eye and hand coordination to avoid obstacles and maximize their chances of survival. This unpredictable gameplay provides Temple Run 2 with incredible replay value. Note that mastery is the key to surviving this never-ending adventure.

Each map comes with its own set of obstacles and you must learn how to overcome them. Most obstacles require perfect timing to overcome them. You must know when is the right time to jump, slide, or tilt your device. Unlike most mobile games today, Temple Run 2 does not have an “Energy System” and therefore allows you to play the game infinite times without losing any resources (allowing you to master everything).

Arm yourself with the right skill

Much like its predecessor, Temple Run 2 features “power-ups” that can help you overcome obstacles easily or collect more resources along the way. There are currently six main power-ups in this game. This includes the following:

  • Boost - Will increase its speed and will provide temporary invulnerability.
  • Shield – Protects you from obstacles (a shield = an obstacle).
  • Coin bonus – allows you to earn additional coins after each race.
  • Coin Magnet – Activates the Coin Magnet skill, allowing you to collect all coins along the way automatically.
  • score bonus – allows you to earn additional scoring points after each race.

Using gems, you can increase their effectiveness and duration. Depending on your objective, you must choose the right power-ups or skills for your character.O Boost It's definitely the most practical choice if you want to complete a challenge that requires you to reach a certain distance. Not only does it provide an instant boost, but it also allows you to easily overcome challenging areas like Mine Railways (Sky Summit), Jungle Tunnels (Lost Jungle), Ice Cave (Frozen Shadows), The Hall of Kings (Blazing Sands) and even those consecutive obstacles. On the other hand, Coin Magnet it is more ideal for dealing with challenges or missions that require players to collect a certain amount of coins.

Upgrade skills to max level

In addition to power-ups, the game also features upgradeable “Abilities”. Unlike skills, skills come with permanent effects. Each skill has five upgrade levels, but the value will nevertheless increase exponentially. Listed below are the skills you can upgrade in Temple Run 2.

Skills upgraded to their max level / The 2 types of perk boosts offered at the start of each race.

  • coin magnet – increases the duration of the coin magnet.
  • distance from booster – Increase boost distance by a certain percentage.
  • Pickup Spawn – Make power-ups appear more often.
  • energy meter – allows the power meter to fill up faster.
  • Hello-me – reduce the number of gems needed to use Save Me
  • Head Start – This allows you to buy an advance at a lower price
  • score multiplier – Increases the score multiplier by a certain percentage.

Tips: You can leverage these skills and combine them perfectly with the current skill you have. For example, if you upgrade the coin magnet to its max level and pair it with the Boost skill, you can use the skill as soon as you get a magnet powerup on the map. This allows you to collect more coins while running at great speed (as well as temporary invulnerability). Of course, players can embrace their full potential by upgrading all their skills to their maximum level.

Take advantage of advancement

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Collecting coins and power-ups along the way

There are two types of “advance” in this game and they are offered at the start of each race. However, the tricky part is that you only have a few seconds to decide whether you want to use them or not. The common “Head Start” will initially cost 2500 coins and will propel you for 1000 km. If you have more money, you can use the “Mega Head Start” which can propel you for 2.500 km and which will initially cost you 10.000 coins. You can reduce the amounts at a lower rate by upgrading Head Start capacity.

Why use a head start? There are different “coin values” in Temple Run 2 which are identified by their colors. Yellow coins are the regular ones with single coin value, red coins are worth double, and blue coins are worth triple. Apparently, the red and blue coins will only appear when reaching a certain distance. With Head Start, you can easily unlock them.

Tips: You can also change coin skins for free. Each skin comes with the same 3 color scheme.

Make sure to collect power-ups

In addition to your skill, which can be activated when you earn enough power points, you can also collect power-ups along the way. They are scattered randomly across the map, and you can also drastically improve their frequency by upgrading the Pickup Spawn skill. Collecting them, however, is hit or miss. As they often spawn in random and unexpected locations, collecting them can be a challenge, especially if your running speed is starting to pick up (the more you play, the faster your speed becomes). Be sure to watch carefully so you don't miss any power-ups along the way.

Gather enough resources

There are two currencies in this game; at coins and jewelry . Both are equally valuable and you can use them in many ways. Coins, for example, are mainly used to upgrade your permanent abilities. However, once you've upgraded all of them, their values ​​are somehow lowered, but you can still use them to buy new characters, outfits, or even unlock new maps. Gems, on the other hand, serve as premium currency. from Temple Run. It allows you to improve the duration and effectiveness of power-ups, unlock premium items, and best of all, prevent you from dying. Unlike its predecessor, Temple Run 2 no longer has the Wing of Resurrection. Instead, they replaced it with gems, allowing players to resurrect their characters multiple times, as long as they have enough gems to spend. The number of gems needed to resurrect your character will also increase exponentially, so make sure you gather enough resources.

Listed below are the effective ways to increase your resources in Temple Run 2 without spending real in-game money.

Temple Run 2 – Daily Quests to gain resources

How to effectively increase your resources in Temple Run 2

Complete daily and weekly challenges

There are an impressive number of ways to increase your resources in Temple Run 2. In addition to getting them in each run, you can also collect them by completing your Daily and Weekly challenges. 

These challenges vary from time to time. Some will ask you to collect a certain amount of coins in one run, while others will ask you to reach a certain distance. Completing them will reward you with coins or gems.

Participate in the Global Challenge

Temple Run 2 – global challenges

Unlike daily and weekly challenges, global challenges are more like special events. They only appear once or twice a month, and players have a limited time to complete them. This campaign requires longer engagement if you really want to grab the top prize. Interestingly, Global Challenges prizes are much more generous than standard campaigns. This is definitely something to take advantage of.

Collect keys to unlock the quest chest

In addition to the daily challenges, Temple Run 2 also offers a Daily Quest. Here, you must collect 3 keys daily to unlock the quest chest and receive rewards in return. These missions, like the challenges, vary in terms of the objectives you need to accomplish. They will also ask you to explore different maps or use a certain character.

Explore different maps and collect artifacts

Speaking of maps, you can also find treasure chests along the way. These treasure chests often contain artifacts that you can collect. Each map comes with its own set of artifacts and each item comes with different values. Depending on the rarity, you can exchange these artifacts for a large number of gems or coins. If you've collected them all, you'll be able to unlock special helmets for your character.

Complete Objectives

Objectives are also different from missions and challenges. It comes with a ranking system. The more you complete tasks, the more points you earn to reach a new level. Goals, however, require long-term commitments and are much more demanding than the aforementioned campaigns. Prizes, on the other hand, are also much more generous than standard challenges.

Watch reward videos and open the daily reward in the chest

Probably the easiest and fastest way to get additional gems is to watch reward videos. Here, you will be asked to watch a 15-30 second ad and earn a gem in return. You can use this feature every four hours, allowing you to earn a maximum of 6 Gems per day (not a lot, but it can still help you go a long way).

Playable characters, on the other hand, are something of a bonus in Temple Run 2. They don't affect your progress and they all share the same skills and abilities. All characters you've managed to unlock will have their permanent effects applied every time you upgrade skills. Generally, your goal is to improve the visual experience.

While endless runner games are now in every game store, Temple Run 2 by Imangi Studios remains at the top of the competition. It is constantly updated and they always offer players new maps and limited-time events to explore. Good luck and have fun!

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