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The new season of Soccer manager is finally here and the developers have impressed once again. Packed with improvements and new features, SM22 offers the next level of football manager simulation corresponding to the 21/22 season. 

O Soccer Manager 22 gives players great control over a wide range of clubs, encouraging decisions such as transfers, tactics and even youth academy management. 

While it's brilliant to have that much power, there may be some things that are hard to understand or some things you haven't even heard of. This beginner's guide will cover all these things, hopefully, to give you a much clearer perspective on how to succeed in Soccer Manager 2022.

Understanding the menus

Getting Started with the Beginner's Guide Soccer Manager 2022, as with most other simulation games, the amount of user interface buttons and menus are plentiful. Navigating this maze takes some getting used to. This section will explain everything you need to know about each of the different menus.

O Menu Principal

This is the main menu, which covers most of the useful information you need about your next steps. This includes things like a snippet of the league table, upcoming games, a little bit about your manager profile and much more . 

To the left of the menu you will see a box, just above the league table, and this is the notification area. Here, you'll get reminders when transfer bids arrive, training is available, etc. Keep an eye on this and make sure it is always empty so that all important tasks have been taken care of.

Swiping to the left will take you to the inbox, it is essential to always check this section and stay up to date with everything. Everything new comes up here, and there's no reason why you shouldn't keep checking. Swiping right takes you to news from around the world. 

While this is not necessary to continue reading, it can be very interesting to see who are the top scorers and who is making the big money plays.

The Cast Menu

This is the section where you can see your entire club and all players in an easy-to-navigate list format . If you need to manage individual players, compare contracts or anything like that, this is the right place to do it. 

In this menu you can also take a look at all the players you have loaned out, it might be a good idea to see how your players are doing.

Swiping right takes you to the team stats section, and while you can see all these numbers in the Squad main menu, it looks a lot better! Swiping left takes you to one of the most useful reports in the game – the team report. 

This report literally covers everything you need to know about your club's players, whether they're contract expirations, youth development or players with low morale. 

It is recommended to also consult the coach's report as it highlights the pros and cons of the group of players you have. While there's no need to take this too seriously, you can minimize the cons as best you can.

The Manager's Menu

This part is about you and your manager profile. The new edition of Soccer Manager 2022 introduced the new stats system where you can improve your own skills as players as well as more skills to unlock . 

Don't worry too much about it, as every time you level up, you're usually directed to this menu anyway. 

Whenever it appears, just use up all your manager points and skill points as you will only need to start managing them carefully until you reach the higher levels. If you were wondering, leveling up is as easy as playing!

Swiping right takes you to the section do Board, where you can see all your goals to be accomplished (not to be fired), the general confidence in you, as well as the confidence of the fans . There is also a job openings section in this menu, so if you get tired of managing in your current club, you can always switch to another one. 

Swiping right again will take you to the manager career statistics where you can see all your records and achievements. The Hall of Fame menu is something new, which is basically a leaderboard of all the managers in the virtual world of football, and where you stand among them. In short, this piece is where you should go if you want to show off!

The Finance Menu

This can be one of the most complicated menus in the game, simply because of the number of different tables there are. You don't have to worry too much about it though, it's mostly about more information about how your bank balance is doing. 

There are different sections showing your projection (how much money you will have at the end of the season if you continue as you are now) and summaries of prize money, sponsorships, merchandise, etc.

In short though, the only thing you need to keep an eye on is the weekly total income and weekly total expenditure . As long as you get more than you spend each week, you're fine. But if it's the other way around, you should look to raise more funds or minimize expenses as best you can.

The Tactics Menu

this is where you will assemble your lineups and organize the preparation instructions for the next game . All in a drag and drop format where you can move players wherever you want on the field. There are some issues with the 2 player swap, but overall the system is pretty easy to use.

Swiping to the right takes you to the instructions part of the tactical setup, where you can define what kind of football you want your team to play. Swiping left will take you to an overview of your next opponent, the predicted lineup and more. Please note that the lineup is predicted and subject to change when your actual match takes place.

The Downloads Menu

This is main hub for all things transfers . Here you can search a huge database of real players to find the ideal player for your team and make deals happen. 

There are several filters you can use to choose the type of player you want, however there is also the option to search for a club, which can be useful in some situations.

Swiping to the right will take you to the world transfers section, where you can see a list of all the people who have changed clubs. 

Swiping left will take you to a list of all players who have joined and left your club, whether on loan or transfer. You can also view your roster here, if you see a player you like, or who could be a realistic addition to your club soon, you can add them to your roster so they are in one place that's easy to access. for the future.

Club facilities menus

The last 5 menus in the menu list are part of the club facilities group, where you can see their respective purposes as well as improve their quality.

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  • Stadium – This is where you can upgrade the appearance and capacity of your stands, earning high revenue from ticket sales.
  • Club Zone – This section presents several different aspects that only work as a bonus help. Sponsorships are deals you can sign for easy money, and club zone upgrade will also bring in a lot of gains like cash income and injury management.
  • Training – Here you can carry out training exercises and see the progress of the individual player development. The reminders in the Main Menu will automatically take you to this section when your training exercises are ready to run, so don't worry too much. Updating this area opens up more slots so you can do more exercises at once, and also improves the quality of training.
  • scouting – Here is where you can view your scouting reports and set your scouts for other assignments as well. Upgrading here gives you more scouts, makes them faster, and gives them better judgment.
  • youth academy – This is where you can sign young players and watch them develop until you think they would be ready to be called up to the first team. At first it will take a long time to fill this in, but after a while you will start to have a busy gym with a variety of promising players. Upgrading this will increase capacity and allow you to sign more players at once to your gym.

Soccer Manager 2022 Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Create a game plan to organize your team

All good managers have a good game plan and this is probably the best way to achieve success with your club in SM22. Improvising can work for an odd number of games, but you may need a solid idea of ​​how you want to play football. 

This involves the formation you want to play, the individual roles of each player and also the status of your team. Having all of that sorted out means that in the future of your career you will be able to easily identify areas for improvement, and managing the team will also become much simpler.

2. Keep upgrading your stadium facilities

Stadium facility upgrades are brilliant ways to dramatically improve your club as a whole in the long run. Make sure they are updated as often as possible. Initial upgrades are usually very cheap and don't affect your budget too much. 

Of course, they will get more expensive as you level up, but the benefits are huge and will make the money well worth it in the future.

3. Keep an eye on the board's objectives

Go to the Manager menu and swipe right once to see what your goals are. They can go unnoticed, so keep an eye on your progress as this is essential if you want to keep your job at the club. Some are very easy to make, while others are more focused on improvements over time.

4. Continue tracking the list of Free Agents

to list of free agents it is much more powerful than you can imagine. There will always be some way to help you. Obviously, there are some good and decently rated players to win there who have had their contracts cancelled. 

They will usually be old, so consider them short-term solutions. Also, there may be some bargains you can get on fairly priced contracts, which may end up being solid rotating players , or even beginners if you wish.

That's not the best part. When searching the list, try adding a filter to less than 19 free agents . You'll likely see a lot of low-ranking youngsters around their 50's range, but with strangely high prices of up to 15 million. 

Well, the reasoning behind these prices is that these players are stars of the future and have incredibly high potential. 

The higher the value, the greater you can take on the potential, without even having to observe the player! If you are in a position where your first team is working well then you can start offering contracts to these wonderful kids and training them.

5. Send teens on loan for more game time

It is likely that at some point in his career at the club, the 25 player limit in the starting lineup starts to feel like a stronger restraint. The abundance of quality players and the limit on how many you can play at once will likely become more difficult to manage, forcing you to make decisions about which players to prioritize. 

Obviously, you'll want to play your high-value stars as much as possible, however this can be a burden on your children's minutes. Fortunately, there is a really useful tool at your disposal that allows you to temporarily loan your players to other clubs.

All the players you don't need, but might need in the future, you can borrow to get a few minutes under your control. 

This is a very useful way to develop young people, without actually taking care of them yourself, and you don't have to pay their full salary either! Make sure you feel comfortable with a player loan too. If he serves as a backup for one of your first-team players, you should probably keep him just in case.

6. Keep an eye on your next schedule

The schedule menu gives you a complete overview of upcoming games for your club. It can be very helpful to keep an eye on what the full view looks like, rather than just a small snippet of dates in the main menu. Also, this menu gives you a good view of how the luminaires are packed.

For example, in the image below, the club plays Manchester United e Chelsea within 3 days, as well as a 2 day rest between another game against Brentford . It's a boring sight to behold, but in a way, it offers another level of challenge as well.

Knowing the sequence of matches to come, coaches must select a balance of players so that physical preparation is maintained and injuries avoided. 

In the case of the above image, it will be difficult to try to keep fit in 2 very difficult games, but an improvised solution (without using fitness boosters) would be to choose half match and half rotation and hope for the best for when Brentford gets around!

7. Try your luck with loans

Especially with lower league teams, loan moves are really useful ways to pick quality players. Perhaps the sound of signing a new player and getting used to him, only to have him leave in a season might sound off-putting. 

However, they can be very good placeholders and even outstanding players who can lead you to wins. Try scouring a bunch of popular top-tier clubs and look at their youth and reverse players.

8. Don't Forget Your Optional Free Rewards

Soccer Manager 2022 offers a variety of free loyalty bonuses, including the daily login system and the Free Packs system . 

It's just little things that offer little packages of money, incentives and maybe even credits , but they're free and you can't complain! The reason this is marked as optional is that obviously there is an element of unrealism here, so conversely, if you want to play a realistic game with no bumps, you might want to avoid them.

9. Spend manager points and tokens ASAP

The new manager update system offers Manager Points e Tokens that you can use to update your manager. We highly recommend using them as soon as possible as there really is no point in holding them. The strokes are quite simple, just choose what looks attractive to you. 

For the first few levels, you'll find that by the time you reach the level needed to unlock the next set of traits, you'll have already unlocked each one in the previous category. Attributes are a little more complicated. There may be some that you find particularly useful, but if you're still confused, try an equal distribution.

10. Take advantage of all shortcuts

There are several ways in Soccer Manager 2022 you can beat the laws of physics and advance in time. Simply put, there is option to watch ads to speed up wait time . If you're going for a realistic career save, obviously ignore this. 

If not, these shortcuts are genuinely super powerful that you can use to skip cooldowns and get a bunch of upgrades for your club instantly.

There is also the option to raise a player's overall level by a decent amount before the game by watching an ad. 

Just as it sounds, it's also almost overwhelming and makes a big difference to your playing ability. If you want to have fair play, avoid this altogether, but if you don't mind, this can be a very useful tool for winning games.

That's all for today, folks! Go ahead and give it a try and if you're encountering problems, don't hesitate to turn to this Soccer Manager 2022 Beginners Guide and Tips!

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