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Shadow fight arena  offers tons of improvements over its ancestors, including playable characters, each with their own unique moves, and much more. You can easily download it from the App Store or Google Play for free. In this guide, players get some  tips  e  rigged  basic that will help you defeat your opponents.

1 | Learn about your characters before you fight

Shadow Fight Arena is a game where players have to understand the strengths and weaknesses of characters. There are three characters in the shadow fight arena,  Kate, Shang e Ling.

In the game, tap the characters in the Library do  hero and in  followed , tap the Details button. In it, players can see the skills, their attack and defense style. Players can also tap the  button how to play  for a brief description of how to use the characters.

2 | Balance your team with the strongest fighters

Create a team with the strongest fighter, a mix of speed and strength. In the game, one of the most important parts is the choice of characters. 

Even if your opponents are playing dominated characters, you can still outrun them with your superior skills. Players can also unlock powerful characters and upgrade them by mastering them.

3 | updates

Updates in Shadow Fight Arena are based on letters that a player can win by defeating enemies. Players also have the option to purchase- it in the store. 

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After collecting enough coins, players can upgrade any of the fighters and use them on the team. Upgrading has its benefits, as it can unlock powerful fighters and gain 10 percent power to all hero attributes each time you gain a level.

4 | Do not hurry

Shadow Fight Arena is a game where players have to stay calm while making their moves. Rushing and brandishing your weapon is not a good choice. Instead, back off and wait for the opportunity to attack. The beginning and end of an attack are the perfect moments to destroy your enemies. It's all about timing, and the player who takes the time will come out on top.

5 | Don't get stuck in a corner

Try to avoid corners. Instead, use throws to reverse positions in a fight, or jump and roll to get away from your opponent. In the game, it is important to focus on time. Try to watch your opponents move and seize the opportunity to turn the tables and escape.

6 | Learn the fundamentals of the game

No Shadow fight arena , few fundamentals apply to all characters, such as Footsies (maintaining proper spacing with your opponent moving around the arena and reacting to your enemies' actions), which players should learn to improve their chances of winning every fight.

Once players are able to connect and attack, they can expect opponents to receive a heating . 

Hitstun is a state that prevents enemies from reacting after being hit, which means you get more power to unleash another attack and do more free damage. Taking proper advantage of hitstun after confirmation requires proper reactions and skills to keep up with when you manage to hit your opponent.

Also, the most important thing players should do is practice several matches to get used to the flow and speed of matches, and also to practice the fundamentals. 

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