How to play Mega Tower: Beginners Guide and Tips

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Welcome to the futuristic world and enjoy this casual game!

Of all the games generics of tower defense , Mega tower managed to stand out more with its innovative approach to the tower defense genre. 

In simple terms, Tower Defense games basically have one goal: build your tower with various weapons, gadgets, and upgrades to continually fend off waves of enemies. Your turrets must be well balanced and ideally positioned to defend perfectly. 

Mega Tower is a simple game to pick up, play and understand, but often for new players, the plethora of game modes, countless coins and tower formation, upgrades and other things can seem like a tedious task. 

So here is our detailed Mega Tower beginners guide for an easier understanding of the game mechanics.

Mega Tower is about space exploration and colonization where the towers are a cluster of rockets firing from one planet to another after colonization. You will face enemies appearing on your inhabiting planet to stop you in your path. Your mission is to defend for 10 phases until colonization is complete. 

Mega Tower took a nontraditional approach to designing its storyline. While not complicated, it definitely stands out from most tower defense game plots, which usually protect your stronghold or castle from invaders. 

Gameplay overview

You will initially have a single tower, called the Main Tower, and this is the unique tower that requires manual control. To beat a level, you must eliminate all the enemies mentioned in the upper right corner within the given time period. For Main Tower only, you must tap the enemy you want to eliminate, other towers work automatically and do not require any interaction. You should focus your Main Tower on bulky enemies with higher HP, as the Main Tower has higher attack power, it can eliminate that enemy easily.

Mega Tower Beginners Guide: Game Overview

As you progress through the game you will unlock more slots, turrets, titans and skills. Titans and turrets are automated, so they require little to no maneuvering, but skills need to be activated manually. Skills have a cooldown period, so use them wisely when you're in trouble.

Mega Tower Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Master defensive structures and skills

Mega Tower being a defense game, it mainly has numerous defensive structures to add to your arsenal. In our Mega Tower Beginners Guide, we share the basics of each structure and how they can help strengthen your defense.


These are automated towers that surround the main tower. These towers are 3 classes: Single Attack – Group Attack – Support.

  • single attack : These turrets have a fast rate of fire and are responsible for quickly taking down forager enemies. They attack one enemy unit at a time, hence their name. 
  • group attack : They deal AoE damage to a group of enemies, making it easier to take out the fodder with one attack. But the downside of this turret is that it has a low rate of fire, so it can't hit fast-moving enemies.
  • Support : These turrets do no damage, but instead place troops on the ground to ward off enemy units. The deployable units system makes it effective in dealing with multiple enemies at once.

main tower

The main tower is the most important tower of all and contains the keys to victory and defeat. This is the tower you start the journey with, and if the Main Tower collapses, you will be defeated. The Main Tower can be equipped with a weapon and requires manual control to activate.

Torre principal

Tip : Your Main Tower has the most firepower of all weapons and turrets, so aim for the enemy with the highest HP to take them down before they damage your turrets.



Skills are another important cornerstone of Mega Tower gameplay and play a role in turning the tide during intense moments. These abilities are non-offensive powers with cooldowns. They do not inflict damage directly on the enemy, but provide a disadvantage to win a phase with fewer casualties.



Titans are mobile units stationed near turrets. It has two functions: acting as a tank to take damage and acting as a distraction. They have decent firepower and ample mobility.

2. Know your enemies

There are many varieties of enemies in the game, each with different dynamics and attack mechanics. You will find the list of

  • Whirly: They are the weakest enemies in the game. But they are annoying in later stages, as they group together in large groups and provide cover for stronger enemy units. They can attack short to medium ranges.
  • Fighter-I: They are similar to Whirlys, but having higher speed makes it harder to take down and they often catch up to turrets. These pesky fighters deal short-range damage, so don't let them get close to the turrets.
  • The Reaper: They have considerably high health and fire long-range missiles. If you ignore them for a long time, you will put your towers in serious danger.
  • Reaper Shield: They are the Reapers, but with a powerful shield. They cannot be damaged unless your shield is dropped first.
  • Vulture: They are flying enemy units, therefore making them immune to Group Attack Towers, Support Tower units, and Titans. Simple attack turrets can attack them, but will be distracted by ground units. To take them down, you must use your main turret. They have high health to eliminate them urgently.
  • Bat: They are the flying version of Fighter-I, but with considerably higher health. What makes them deadly is their fast rate of fire, due to which they can destroy turrets bit by bit very quickly. They are also very efficient at taking down The Shield skill. They will be controlled by single attack turrets, but it is better to use the Main Tower.
  • Tank: The scariest of all and usually appears at the end of each level in a zone. They have ridiculously high health which makes them difficult to take down even with the Main Tower and it periodically fires powerful missiles that deal heavy damage. Once you spot the tank, you must activate it immediately before it starts shooting at you.

3. Understand the planet system

The most fascinating aspect of the game is the planet system. You start your journey on the moon and as you go through the phases of the moon, you slowly explore it until you end up with the entire planet. Finishing explorations unlocks a new facet of the game that allows the player to passively earn rewards and upgrade materials.


Colonization : After exploring a region, you will see the “Colonization” option appear in different places on the planet. Colonization allows you to earn coins and upgrade materials hourly. To colonize an area, you must play 4 stages of increasing difficulty at that colonization location. The higher the degree of colonization, the more income you can generate with each colony.

After successful colonization, there will be a progress bar that will show you how many resources have been generated and you can collect them from there. You can also build a colony to make it generate large amounts of shards and other upgrade materials per hour.

4. Coins and materials are important aspects of the game

you will find so many exchangeable materials found in the rewards in this game which is quite scary. There are multiple currencies, while others are simply upgrading materials. Below you will find out what currency and materials are used for what purpose:

  • currency: the currency most basic game. Used to buy turret fragments in the Merge section.
  • Key: Used to unlock Star Chests.
  • Jewelry: used to purchase materials in the Trade Shop and unlock the Star Chest.
  • Crystals: Used to unlock Artifact Chests.
  • Random Main Tower Fragments: Gives you a random amount of chips and crystals from the main tower.
  • Main tower chip: used to upgrade your main turret. Main Tower Crystal: Used to advance your Main Tower.
  • Random Tower Shards: Gives you a random amount of Tower Crystals and Advanced Tower Crystals.
  • Tower crystals: Used to upgrade your turret turret.
  • Advanced Tower Crystals: used to advance your turret.
  • Random Ability Fragments: Gives you a random amount of skill element and advanced skill element.
  • Skill Element: Used to upgrade your skill.
  • Advanced skill element: used to improve your skill.
  • Random Titan Shards: Gives you a random amount of Titan Tokens and Advanced Titan Tokens.
  • Chip Titan: used to upgrade your Titan.
  • Advanced Titan Chip: Used to advance your Titan.
  • Boost module: used to update Dragger
  • Spike Screw: Used to update the port.
  • Advanced screw tip: used to advance the door.
  • Merge Grid Shard: Allows more space to merge tower fragments.

5. Update your base carefully

Upgrades are very self-explanatory and require very little guidance, but merging tower shards can be a little difficult to understand, so let's go over their basics:

Turret Merging

By tapping the button Edit in your Battle Section, you will see your turrets more closely. You will notice several slots in your battle station, while some are locked, they can be unlocked as you earn reward slot shards. 

You can't just put any tower in these slots, the slots are reserved for a specific tower class. In the edit section, there will be an empty space where you can buy tower cards in exchange for coins.

When you buy Tower Merge Shards, a random Tower Merge Shard with a 1-star rating will appear. 

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You can buy several as long as you have coins; after buying a decent amount of them, you can merge two shards of the same tower with the same amount of stars to make a shard of the tower with a higher star rating. 

For example: If you have 2 howitzers rated 3 stars, you can merge them to form 1 howitzer rated 4 stars and so on. When the shard reaches a star level that corresponds to a turret in the battle station, you can drag and drop to directly upgrade that turret.

There is a Recycle and Replace option that allows you to merge green towers to form a blue tower of a higher star.

6. The Union

union is a floating space station with several modules attached to it. Although they are in the infancy of the game, most modules are locked, therefore, limiting you to just focus on the battle. This is important because in order to progress in the game you need to complete 10 stages on a planet and move on to another that novice players often fail to notice.


Each of the Union modules has a different purpose. In this Mega Tower Beginners Guide, we share a detailed explanation of all the modules below:

Exchange shop

Remember the magenta-colored gems and red crystals you acquired in these countless battles? Well, you must have used the coins to maybe upgrade your towers, but those gems and crystals were useless until now. This is because, unlike coins and shards, gems and crystals not are tower upgrade materials.

They are coins for which you can buy shards, upgrade cards and materials in the Trade Shop. The Exchange store is updated every day, bringing new materials to buy. There are 5 sections in the Exchange store: Flash Sales, Black Market, Free Goods, Gem/Crystals Store and Coin Store.

exchange shop

Flash sales sell coins, keys e all kinds of materials to a discount rate in exchange for Gems . Black Market sells higher level materials compared to Flash Sales but has limited items, requires VIP access (which can be unlocked by performing specific tasks) to unlock more items in the shop. 

Free goods are self-explanatory : You watch ads and get an item for free. Lastly, Gem/Crystal/Coin stores basically allow you to buy the respective items in exchange for real money.



Outer space is crowded with asteroids, rocky bodies and other mysterious items. Campo de Minas places a radar to locate mines nearby that contain unknown materials for rescue. 

When deploying your Dragger , an exploration vehicle, you can set it to explore and mine a certain location, which will return after a certain period of time and deposit the ore in the Ore Warehouse. You have to mine the ore to rescue the unknown materials it contains.

Material Conversion Point

This module is closely linked to the Mine Field module and without it this module would be useless. Out of the ores mined in the minefield, you will receive certain items in large quantities, such as green refining ore, etc. Some of these materials cannot be used directly and instead of using the material converter, you can generate other resources from them after a certain amount of time.

chest portal

If you've played Gacha games, you know how buying slot machines works. If you're not familiar, the system can best be described as a slot machine where you insert some coin to get random items in return, if you're lucky you'll get some pretty good items.

chest portal

Among the various currencies, there are 2 specific currencies to unlock the chest: Keys and Crystals, but you can use gems to unlock Star Chests, but only for the 10 item purchase option. Keys are used to buy Star Chests, while Crystals are used to buy Artifact Chests .



Artifacts are items that improve your tower's specific stats. . They are found very rarely and randomly in rewards, but you can get them from the Chest Portal. Buy artifact chests that drop artifacts. They have 4 levels of rarity, from common to rare: Normal, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Worm hole

The wormhole allows you to engage in a Boss Combat against a super-powered boss. Your goal should be to do as much damage as possible.

Worm hole

Once the wormhole opens, all players can attack the boss. It is ranked according to the damage dealt to the boss. The higher the damage, the higher the rank and the higher the rewards you will receive. You can attack the Boss 3 times in each wormhole session and you will receive 10 crystals and 2.000 coins in each attempt. After leaderboard reset, you will get crystals and keys according to your rank, you can earn up to 1000 crystals and 6 keys.

Star Wars

This is another unique game mode available in this game. Unlike other modes, this mode allows PvP battles between your towers and the opponent's in raids . In the star war system, you will see the planets separate, but interconnected in 3 factions . You will be surrounded by your allied faction while you can navigate to an enemy faction and attack the enemy player.

You can fight players from other factions with your allies, occupy more planets to get more resources. 

Once you win the battle, you can get occupation progress and if you reach more than 70%, you can occupy the entire planet. Each planet will regularly produce resources which are distributed through “Faction Supply” and only planets connected to occupied ones can be attacked.

7. Join a Guild

This is the well-known system in most online games these days. One guild , in simple terms, is a squad that you can form or that someone else makes so that people can join and participate in battles together, chat and also earn rewards together. Guilds in Mega Tower have some unique features besides chatting and viewing guild members.

Tech and Shop are two of the other sections of the guild. Every day you can enter the your guild to get rewards they offer crystals, guild experience, guild tech points and guild coins. 

In the Tech section, you will see a list of upgrades and resources available for purchase with Guild Tech points. And the shop section works just like the Trade Shop, but you need to use Guild Coins to buy items.

8. Collect rewards in a timely manner

The best thing about Mega Tower is that there are SO MANY rewards to get simply for completing tasks so the game never stops. Below you will find the list of sections where you can get rewards:

  • 7 day package
  • Mission
  • Colony Rewards
  • Tower Rewards
  • Main Tower Rewards
  • merging rewards
  • skill rewards
  • Titan Rewards
  • Material conversion rewards
  • minefield rewards
  • Progressing the phases
  • Moving to new planets

9. Seasons offer free rewards

Seasons and Battle Pass

The Season System features a set of lavish rewards to receive as you progress and earn Season Stars, which can be earned by completing quests. 

To receive a higher amount of rewards for each completion, you can purchase the Battle Pass which will give you access to premium rewards and goodies. That's all for today, folks! Go ahead and experiment and if you're running into problems, don't hesitate to turn to this Mega Tower Beginners Guide and Tips!

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