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Knight brawl  is an action game developed by Brad Erkkila. It's a fun Knight vs Knight battle game available on platforms Android  e iOS . Here they are  guide do beginner  which will help the player throughout the game.

A  gameplay  do game Knight Brawl is quite simple where players can use different styles of attacks to defeat enemies like 360 ​​degree rotating attacks and the main objective of Knight Brawl game is to defeat enemies in one on one fights. 

This will help players earn those gold coins, which can be used to buy a new helmet or a glorious golden axe.

ways to earn coins

There are two ways to earn coins in the game. A supportive is by completing the three missions. The missions consist of different objectives like scoring a specific amount in survival mode. 

After players complete all missions, they earn some coins. The second is watching ad videos. It's the best way to earn coins. All players have to do is head to the weapon and armor store and watch ad videos. 

Whenever players watch the Ads, they earn 50 coins, which is the easiest way to earn money and get the gear they want.

Types of attacks in Knight Brawl:

There are two types of attacks with different strategies. Each type of attack has its strengths and weaknesses, but we suggest choosing both.

stab attacks , if players use a weapon like a spear or spear, they will specialize in collision attacks, where players have to double tap collision and hit an enemy to deal damage. 

Remember, if a player only uses collision attacks in the drag knight game, they will be vulnerable to fast moving enemies with swords that can jump, run and attack around you with slashes. 

So make sure you time your attacks and strike as well. This will help players take advantage of range and also allow them to keep attackers at bay.

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Cutting attack , where players have to hold the attack button to swing their weapon at the enemy. With a slashing weapon such as a sword or axe, players can do a lot of damage to enemies, especially when landing a headshot. When using these attacks, players will be able to attack faster and change area quickly with a short weapon.

Defense equipment like armor, shields and helmets allow players to take more hits. Upgrading defensive gear can help players take a lot of hits, but even so, be careful and try to avoid the hits.

Use challenge mode in Knight Brawl

Challenge mode can be very tricky as enemy AIs are very aggressive and players can be KO'd easily. 

The trick is to play a defensive game and keep your position away from enemies. Once enemy AIs have dwindled in numbers, players can step in and finish off the last ones. The challenge also contains treasure chests, so be sure to reap those rewards.

survival mode

This mode is the classic style of last man standing game where players need to survive and take down as many enemies as possible. 

Fast attacks and evasion are key here. Players must keep moving and try not to get hit by enemies. Enemies are expected to be quite aggressive, but not so compared to challenge mode. 

Even if enemies don't kill each other, they will do some damage, which will make it easier for players to score those kills.

Additional Points: This will help player in Knight Brawl game 

Tower Climbing Challenge Modes will help players to climb a mighty tower using a weapon. In Castle Rush mode, players must invade the castles of rich kings and steal their golden crowns. Keep an eye out for weapons hidden in the castle with the flags. 

The Evil Sorcerers are the rulers of the Cursed Lands. To defeat enemies, players must put on the best equipment and pick up a powerful weapon to invade the Mage's stronghold. 

The poison dagger slowly corrodes your enemies' equipment. The Masamune katana bursts into flames and deals double damage when activated.

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