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Experience ruling an entire empire!

King's choice is a front and back simulation RPG. created by ONEMT , a fast-growing Chinese studio with experience in creating diverse titles, the game is a mix of thrilling RPG and life simulation in the medieval European royal court. 

Players will become legendary kings and recruit famous generals, meet stunning beauties, raise their heirs, suppress rebellions and expand their empire with the ultimate goal of becoming the supreme emperor. If you're new to this game, we've compiled a guide of essential beginner tips that will come in handy as you progress through King's Choice.

Gameplay overview

The story takes place in medieval times, where players will play the role of the Lord's only child. Things were going well until Aves the Throne Usurper orchestrated a coup d'état (successful revolution), assassinated the Lord to take the throne, and locked his son in a prison cell. 

But in the face of adversity, the protagonist refused to give up hope. Instead, he vowed to take revenge on each of his enemies.

King's Choice game overview

Allie and Kerwin are Aves' children, but they are friends with the protagonist. Jacques and Greg are two of the best friends. 

Surrounded by love, politics, diplomatic movements, war and other things, players will get lost in the game. ONEMT, aiming to create fun and unique games to help diversify and enrich the global gaming community, is true to what they said. Because the game has everything its base is built on.

King's Choice Beginner's Guide: Tips and Tricks

Ruling an empire surrounded by cunning enemies is no easy task. Players have to complete various tasks to keep the image clean in front of their people. 

Furthermore, they will have to protect, preserve and safeguard the empire from collapse. A sharp brain can fail at times. Therefore, we have prepared a King's Choice beginner's guide with tips for players who have just signed up for the game.

1. Learning the Basics

Choosing a king can seem a mess at first because of the numerous actions to take and options to face. But the process is quite simple and more like an idle game after a few levels. Common activities that a player will do are find the PvE mode at the beginning, make decisions, collect resources, date, follow the main quest, collect rewards and daily achievements, etc. So here's a brief description of the things a player will often face.

2. Understand the attributes and their needs

The overall powers of King's Choice characters (mainly lord and knights) are based on stat points. There are four types of stat points: Strength, Leadership, Intellect, and Charisma.


Shows the battle capabilities of knights and soldiers. Greater strength means your army has a lot of attacking power in war. This attribute is useful in outpost battles. For example, quality is greater than quantity. Therefore, when a player has highly powerful armies, the less casualties he will receive.


Leadership defines the ability to collect one of the resources that are grain from the Ministry of the Interior. An increasing number will increase the rate/number of grain pickups in your stock. He also plays a decent role in recruiting soldiers.


It has to do with the collection of silver from the Ministry of the Interior. Like the Leadership attribute, Intellect plays a role in the silver collection. The higher the Intellect number, the more silver the player receives.


Leadership grows with charisma. The more charisma, the more soldiers you can attract to follow you. Therefore, this attribute has a direct connection with recruiting soldiers.

3. Master Outpost Battles

Outpost Battles

Outposts are where players will fight in PvE mode. It allows players to unlock new chapters and progress through the story and delve deeper into the game. There are six battles in total at each outpost, where five is the main battle and the last one is the boss battle. Each battle includes several waves according to the level the player is on.

4. Complete all your main quests

This is another great way to get exclusive rewards. Just above the bottom bar, the long horizontal bar shows the main quest. It's like your helping hand because it will guide you through every part of the game and make sure nothing takes priority.

main mission

Because players can sometimes prioritize knights but not lovers. Therefore, the main quest is set in a way to make players go around every corner so that players keep their attention on everything in the game.

5. The Ministry of the Interior is your controlling council to govern the Niveal

Where there is a kingdom that someone owns, he/she must rule it! All the actions that the player will plan and execute to make “Niveal” a peaceful city, the Ministry of the Interior is the stage to show the sharpness of the player's brain. It is divided into two parts, namely Government and Collection.

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Ministry of the Interior

The government is where players will make their decisions. The choice to perform one of the two actions will occur every 30 minutes. Options provide two types of resources, namely Leadership EXP or Prestige points, and general resources like silver or whatever. Here's an important tip. Take the EXP / Leadership Prestige points because it will increase the Lord level. Unless the second option offers something rare, don't select this.


the part of collection It is divided into three categories, namely conducting trade, trading grain and training soldiers. These are the assets that a player has in the game. The number of collections is based on the chapter the player is in and the lord level. Check the collection part often to collect the items you will invest in for an upgrade.

6. Knight power building is important

Knights are the engines of the kingdom. They own every attribute. They have specialties in different sectors. Not everyone can fight, on the contrary, they will guide a player through different objectives. They can be unlocked in a number of ways like increasing VIP level, recommendation, leveling up, etc.

knight power

Based on the next task assigned by the main quest, choose a knight that fits your job perfectly. For example, if a player is instructed to defeat the boss at an outpost or unlock a chapter quickly, then priority should be given to the knights with the highest strength. See how players can upgrade a knight.

Sending them to the University

The full power of knights can be improved by sending them to the University where they will sit for study sessions. Each session lasts three hours, and after a session ends, knights will earn Skill Points and Talent EXP. 

The university allows a knight to sit for a session when first unlocked. Players can increase more seats by using gold coins to buy seats. As knights are the key to winning boss battles in an outpost, PvP battles in the arena, classroom seats should be a priority to unlock first.

Manual update

This includes spending silver coins with a knight. Each knight needs the same amount of silver if they are at the same level. Upgrade knights at a similar pace, except the one you will use in boss battles. Upgrading knights will allow more resources to be collected and more soldiers to be recruited.

Other ways to upgrade

There are many ways to upgrade knights. Players can upgrade any specific attribute with Edicts. Your talent can be improved through battles in the arena. 

Skill points are used to increase skills. Upgrading aura levels and getting lovers are also other ways to increase the power of knights.

7. Boss battles are easy to complete

When a player completes the five general battles in an outpost, he or she will have to face a boss in the final battle. 

Unlike the previous five, the sixth is a duel between the opposition leader and the players' knights. To win the boss battle, players need to raise a certain knight that has “Strength” as its main attribute. Because attack power is all you need to defeat an enemy.

boss battles

After leveling up, a player is recommended with two, three or more knights by their panel of advisors. Choose one with high strength and keep it updated every now and then as you will only use that particular knight in duels. Keep in mind that failing to defeat a boss will take 24 hours to fight again.

8. Focus on daily quests and achievements

The game provides a lot of resources, gold and other kinds of things through its Daily quests and achievements . Achievements can be completed multiple times as they vary in number, although the objective is the same. 

In the initial stage, where the player starts with the basic skills of the characters, these daily quests and achievements are enough to provide the player with the number he needs. One hour after the game starts, players can easily unlock daily quests.

Daily Missions

On the bottom bar of the main screen, go there and check what items are available to claim. Players' usual activities in the game are mostly focused on daily quests at the beginning, this will change after a few chapters. 

But there's nothing to worry about as they will come in handy too. In addition, the achievements sector is open from the beginning and players can access rewards by completing tasks.

9. Watch Ads for Additional Rewards

Ads. are annoying in a game. But when the game itself is free, there's nothing to complain about, other than the number of ads. it is inappropriate. But King's Choice gives players various rewards for watching Advertisements. Just find the little ship with a golden film on it and play. He will offer players different items in exchange for watching an ad.

King's Choice Ads

The game follows a simple mechanics. Several other roleplaying games are free, but then you can understand very well that they are pay-to-win. 

But this game doesn't need money to progress faster, instead players can build strong alliances without spending anything. With faster leveling up and a legitimate sense of progression, the game is very addictive to play.

One of the funny things about the game noticed by many players is that the game only has whites. This makes sense, as medieval Europe has whites in its royal courts. However, with the guide and tips mentioned above, we hope players can do much better in King's Choice.

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